There are 500 million hats in Shandong each year, and 30%of the world's "head" business reporting article is made

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The热门新闻re is such a small town in Shandong

There are only 120,000 people in the town

But 500 million hats can be produced every year

One -third of the global baseball cap

All from here

This is Li Gezhuang Town, Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province

"Hometown of Chinese Hat"

Nonghuo hats are wrong

In Li Gezhuang Town

Up to 70 years old, to 20 years old

Everyone can solve employment by hats

Different from making clothes

Every part of the hat

Can be disassembled out


Many people in Li Gezhuang Town are

Doing farm work

Pick the order at home and make a hat

Experienced villagers

You can take the order of the four or five hats at the same time

Can earn more than 20,000 yuan in a month

The "head" and other business in the town


A Hong Kong merchant cooperates with local crafts companies

Established the first modern hat -making company in Jiaozhou

△ In a hat -making company in Li Gezhuang Town, Jiaozhou City, workers are producing export baseball caps.

Hatmail factory at the time

The annual output hat reaches 18 million tops

More than 1,000 employees

Drive many workshops around

Developing industry around the hat


Another large -scale hat -making factory is established

Can accommodate more than 5,000 villagers employment

Indirectly drive more than 200 surrounding individual households

At this time, the cap industry in Li Gezhuang Town has begun to take shape

These two companies

Cultivated a lot for the local

Experienced hat -making "expert"

These "experts" eventually became

The main force of the hat industry explosion -type growth

Hat processing industry chain upgrade

Now Li Gezhuang Town

Still retain the tradition of family processing

But many companies are also doing automatic transformation and upgrading

Local hat -making chambers will lead

Created a 2000 -square -meter shared factory

Components such as cap belts, magic buckles and other parts

Can be made through the intelligent production of shared factories

You can watch 6 machines alone

250,000 daily production caps

at present

The shared factory is equipped with more than 80 smart devices

You can complete the brim, hat belt, etc.


Overall efficiency improves 4 times

The production cost is reduced by 30%

More than 200 hat mills around

I enjoy the convenience brought by the shared factory


The hat order in Li Gezhuang Town is all over the world

500 million production hats a year

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