2023 look back in the seven major regions of the world 丨 Europe: Solving internal and external problems of difficulty in broadcasting articles

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Xinhua News Agency,breaking news website Brussels, December 27th (International Observation) Looking back at 2023 in the world's seven major regions 丨 Europe: solve internal and external troubles

Xinhua News Agency reporter Fu Yiming

Internal and external pressure in Europe in 2023.From the perspective of external factors, the Ukrainian crisis has been delayed for a long time, causing the EU's multi -faceted pressure; Pakistani conflict is extremely fierce, exacerbating the European Union's internal stance differences, and some member states have encountered the risk of terrorist attacks rising.From the perspective of internal factors, the road before the economic downturn is long, realizing the European Union's goal and solving the problem of illegal immigration facing the difficult situation of consensus.

Internal and external problems constitute a severe challenge

In 2023, the Ukrainian crisis was delayed, which brought continuous pressure on the European Union.At present, the prospects of Russia and Ukraine's negotiations are still slim, and the Western "Aid Fatigue Phenomenon", including the EU, is becoming increasingly significant.Due to the differences between EU member states, the EU summit held in mid -December failed to reach an agreement on Ukraine's 50 billion euros.Considering that the U.S. Congress has not approved a new round of assistance to Ukraine, the EU failed to pass the Ukraine Plan to further crack down on Ukraine.Hungarian Prime Minister Olban made it clear that it should not provide more funds to Ukraine, but should end the conflict.

Hungarian 21st Century Researcher Dai Ak Daniel believes that Hungary is "not alone" on the Ukrainian issue. Several major members of the European Union agreed with the position of Olban, but "forced by the pressure of the United States and the media is not stressful.Dare to make public statements. "

In 2023, the number of immigrants in Europe continued to rise, which caused a headache for the European Union.Immigration issues have once again become the focus of EU countries that need to be resolved but difficult to find good strategies.In recent years, due to the frequent terrorist attacks, many member states have become more cautious about security issues. The EU countries have been unable to reach a consensus on the issue of illegal immigration.In addition, the member states at the EU summit in December also failed to reach an agreement on the problem of ceasefire in addition, highlighting its internal differences, and the risk of extreme events in some countries was also increasing.

The EU Summit focuses on the differences in conflict members.On December 15, in Brussels, Belgium, the President of the European Council Michelle (Middle), the Chairman of the European Commission Feng Delin (right), and the Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez attended the press conference during the EU summit.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Dingzheng Photo

In 2023, the extremely right -wing forces in European politics remained rising.In the Netherlands, the River Right -wing Party Liberal Party won the most seats in the election results of the House of Representatives announced in early December, and became the largest political parties in the House of Representatives for the first time.A number of major political areas have an impact; in Italy, the brothers of the right -wing party have been in power; in Germany, the support rate of the party to choose the party has recently reached a record high.Many experts in Europe are concerned that the rise of the rising right -wing parties in many countries may affect the European Parliament elections next year.

Faced with severe strategic dilemma, the European Union tried to expand the "break".The EU Summit passed the decision to start the negotiations of Ukraine and Moldova into the negotiations of the Alliance in Hungary's absence of voting.At the same time, some Sibergan countries have also opened the process of joining the European Union to varying degrees.However, the attitudes of member states, insufficient conditions for candidate countries, and their internal reform dilemma will all become obstacles in the EU expansion process.

Walking out of the economic decline, the road is long

According to data from the EU Statistical Bureau, the economy of the euro zone in the third quarter of this year has shrunk by 0.1%month -on -month.

In 2023, affected by the reduction of global demand, the tightening of financing conditions, and the delay of the energy supply crisis, the impact of the Ukraine crisis and Pakistani conflict, the European economy has fallen into a low -growth quagmire.Consumer consumption expenditures, enterprise production and investment have been significantly suppressed, and enterprises in industries such as tourism, catering, manufacturing, retail, and construction have been forced to lay off layoffs or even put into bankruptcy.The EU has increased military and economic assistance expenditures due to geographical tensions, leading to an increase in economic downlink risks.Due to the long -term unrelated issues such as energy transformation, lagging digital development, and aging population, the EU's promotion of "re -industrialization" is not optimistic.

In addition, difficulty in financing in high interest rate environment is brewing new instability in Europe.In the first half of 2023, a number of banks in the United States closed and the Credit Suisse crisis triggered the European and American financial market shock.At present, the debt and financing dilemma represented by the European real estate giant Signer's bankruptcy make the market generally worry about the market.

It is necessary to respond to the impact of the geopolitical crisis, but also break through the dilemma of inflation pressure and weak growth. The European economic recovery is long before.The economic downturn in Europe is expected to continue until 2024.

European -China cooperation presents a recovery momentum

This year, the EU and China have increased in many fields and multi -level exchanges. The two sides seek consensus, control differences, and promote cooperation. The relationship between the two sides has shown a good momentum of consolidating development.

2023 is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and the European Europe. The Chairman of the European Commission Feng Delin, the French President Macron, and the senior representative of the European Union's Foreign and Security Policy Borelli have successively visited China.The Chinese State Council's Prime Minister Li Qiang visited Germany and France in June, and presided over the seventh round of the China -German government consultation to attend the new global financing contract summit.

In recent years, China -Europe has developed rapidly in the fields of photovoltaic, batteries, and new energy vehicles.In sharp contrast to some politicians who conduct anti -Chinese drums, the European business community is awake and pragmatic.In the eyes of multinational companies, China's development is by no means risks, but a huge opportunity, and European companies have increased investment in China.

In October of this year, the third "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum was held in Beijing, and many European countries leaders or leaders attended the meeting.In the past ten years, China has participated in the construction of the "Belt and Road" countries with European regions.

On November 28, the X8155 Central and European trains were waiting for departure at Xi'an International Port Station and will open to Hamburg, Germany.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zou Jingyi Photo

In October this year, China Europe held the twelfth round of China -Europe high -level strategic dialogue in Beijing. In December, the 24th China -EU leadership meeting was held in Beijing in December.The two sides have fully resumed all levels of exchanges, especially high -level meetings in the green, numbers, and economic and trade fields. The formation of new consensus and achievements, showing the toughness and vitality of Sino -European relations.

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