Hamas leader Hania arrived in Cairo for discussion on Gaza ceasefire and prisoner exchange issues

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Hamas Isme Haniyeh led a high -level delegation to Cairo this Express information website(Wednesday) to discuss the problem of ceasefire in Gaza and the exchange with Israel's prisoners.

Agence France -Presse quoted sources in the organization as saying that the members of the Hania and the accompanying delegation will meet with the Egyptian intelligence department in charge of Abbas Camille.The discussion content will involve "stop hostile operations and war, and prisoner exchange agreements, end the blockade of the Gaza Strip, provide assistance, and evacuate the Israeli troops from the area, allowing the refugees in the Gagsa and the northern Sands to return home."
The Israeli "Jerusalem Post" reported yesterday (Tuesday) that Hamas's delegation will visit Cairo in the next few days, and the delegation will be composed of senior leaders living outside the Gaza Strip.
According to people familiar with the matter, although Israel knew that it might pay a high price, Tel Aviv was determined to make breakthroughs in the negotiations.
This is the second visit to Egypt since the beginning of Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip on October 7 last year. He visited Cairo on November 9 last year.
"Jihad" sports visit to Cairo

At the same time, the Secretary -General of Islamic Holy Battle Movement, Zahd Nachhra, said today (Wednesday) that a delegation led by the Secretary -General will visit Cairo in the next few days.He pointed out that the interview was based on Egypt's formal invitation, "it will discuss stop hostile action and exchange agreement."
Nahra added: "We will go to Cairo with clear goals, that is, to stop hostile operations, the Israeli army evacuate from the Gaza Strip and rebuild work."All parties of Palestine are agreed that Hamas will be one of them.
The two visits coincided with the report of the Israeli "AXIOS" website. The report said that Israel notified Qatar and was willing to cease a week in exchange for the release of 40 Israeli prisoners owned by Hamas in Gaza.And Qatar Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Shech Mohammed Bin Abdullahman Alsani said Hamas asked for a suspension to exchange any prisoners.

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