The report said that the output of Chinese TV dramas to bottom out is obvious.

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  China News Agency,爆炸资讯 Shenzhen, December 20 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei Zheng Xiaohong) The "2023 China TV Series (Internet Drama) Industry Survey Report" was released on the 20th in Shenzhen.The report pointed out that the output of Chinese TV dramas to the bottom of the bottom is obvious.

  The 9th China (Shenzhen) International TV Drama Fair opened in Shenzhen on the same day.Liu Yanming, executive vice chairman of the China TV Drama Production Industry Association, said at the transaction that the report said that the operation of the Chinese TV drama (online drama) industry basically got rid of the epidemic trouble."Long -termism" has become the high -profile pursuit and practical action of mainstream braking institutions, and the masterpieces have frequently increased the overall satisfaction of the audience to domestic episodes.

  Liu Yanming said that in the first three quarters of this year, 109 domestic TV dramas were completed and approved by China, which was a new low in the same period in the past ten years.However, at the same time, the number of publicity in the filming of TV series shooting this year has achieved the first rise in the past five years. As of November, 489 records have exceeded the total number of filing last year.

  The report pointed out that in 2023, China ’s full -network broadcast vision stopped falling and rebounded, reflecting the development toughness of the long video drama market; the short -lived“ new track ”opened the industry's incremental space, and the number of online micro -short dramas continued to grow at a high speed.The follow -up direction and the impact on the entire industrial ecology are even more worthy of continuous attention.

  Liu Yanming said that under the consensus of high -quality and diverse industry, "aesthetic upgrade" and "type innovation" have become outstanding keywords for the creation of Chinese TV dramas (online dramas) this year.Quality works such as "Cyclonus", "Three Body", "Long Season" and "Moses on Planes" are constantly new. Long video series are continuously improved in all aspects of viewing word of mouth, type breakthrough, artistic texture, innovation expression and other levels.Essence

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