Ten tears of tears and hundreds of senses intersection classic TV series

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TV drama name: Mom marries me for me

It tells the story of Hong Peishan, a child of the child adopted by the Hong family during the Republic of China.

Views: Moved to tears Life classic classic TV series.

TV drama name: Lock Qingqiu

It tells the story that happened in Ping An Town in the late Qing Dynasty.

Viewing: The story of the late Qing Dynasty around the Qing Dynasty in Ping'an Town.

TV drama name: Tianya Chizi Heart

It tells a series of stories that happened in the process of two children across the sea and went through all the hardships.

Views: Speaking of finding the classic of tears in the process of finding the biological father's experience.

TV drama name: Why do women suffer a difficult woman

It tells the love, hatred and hatred of the family members of the family during the Republic of China, and reflects the feudal thoughts of women who have been respecting men and women in the old times.

Views: Tell the story of feudal ideas during the Republic of China.

TV drama name: mother wife

With Lin Qiuju's life as the main clue, it tells the personal emotional experience and changes of the times from the Republic of China to the contemporary contemporary.

Viewing: The story of the strong and sourness of Lin Qiuju's heart is sour.

TV drama name: Cangtian has tears

It is about the eighth year of the Republic of China, Zhan Yunfei, who was four years in Tongcheng County in the north, Zhan Yunfei, who was four years old in his hometown, met with his parents of Xiao Xiao during his return. Since then, the two of them have dreamed of dreams.The story of the dependent.

Opinions: Classic women have gone through difficulty in life, and finally a lover finally becomes a story of family members.

TV drama name: bring your mother -in -law to marry

It is described that in the 1930s, the "wishfulness" of Fang's funeral husband and mother -in -law Yu Chun lived. I don't know, she is actually a giant Liu family's daughter.Family affection and disputes with the family.

Views: Family struggle and moved classic TV series.

TV drama name: tears of daughter -in -law

It is adapted from the Taiwan Huazhi TV series "The Stunning Daughter -in -law", telling the story of the gentle and virtuous heroine Lin Wanru who was embarrassed by her in -laws.

Viewing: Tell the story between mother -in -law and mother -in -law, moved to tears.

TV drama name: Yun Niang

It is about the early years of the Republic of China, the second wife of Ningcheng's richest man, Lu Yongnian, Wei Yixian, born to the next baby girl, named Lu Mingzhu. The eldest wife Shen Rong could not have children.

Viewing: Surrounded by love and revenge.

TV drama name: deep rain

Adapted from Qiong Yao's original novel "Smoke and Rain", also the remake of the Qin and Han dynasties in 1986, Liu Xuehua's "Smoke Rain", with the Shanghai Lu family in the 1930s as the main axis of the story.drama

Viewing: Family touching emotional classic TV series.

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