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Under the guidance of important discussions of Education and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discussions on education,热议资讯 our school has accelerated the establishment of a school's ideological and political work system, and continued to "promote the establishment of the party committee secretary and principal of the university to take the lead in thinking about the mechanism of ideological and political courses".EssenceThis semester, the secretary of our school and the principal once again took the lead in walking into the classroom to carry out the "Situation and Policies" special ideological and political courses for college students.

Wang Zhiping, Secretary of the Party Committee Wang Zhiping, taught the topic "Vigorously Promote the Construction of the Modern Industrial System" so that students can fully understand the connotation, goals, necessity, and importance of modern industries; at the same time recognize the status and challenges of the construction of my country's industrial system; Diligence skills, inherit the spirit of craftsmen, and help my country build a modern industrial system with independent, controllable, safe, reliable, and competitive.

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Executive principal Sun Libing taught the topic "China's Economy 'Form' Stability 'Popularity", allowing students to fully understand the continuous recovery of my country's national economy and the overall recovery trend, and the significant advantage of my country's economic development; Attach importance to the risks and challenges facing my country's economic operation; cultivate students' political sensitivity, which can not only see the current "shape", but also see the long -term "potential", encourage students to strengthen their confidence, actively participate in my country's high -quality development Great career.

Executive President Sun Libing Lecture Topic: "China's Economy" Form "Stable" Steady "Ascension". Jpg

Zhang Tao, Vice President Zhang Tao and Vice President Sang Lilin, taught the topic "Continuous Historical Contests, Paid Contemporary Chinese Chapters", allowing students to deeply understand the long -term Chinese culture, deeply understand the profoundness of Chinese civilization, fully understand the cultural heritage, and the cultural construction in a country.Important; cultivate students to establish a high degree of cultural self -confidence and civilization; strengthen the mission of building a cultural power in the new era and the mission of building a modern civilization of the Chinese nation.

Vice President Zhang Tao taught the topic "Continuous Historical Contest, Composes Contemporary Chinese Chapters". Jpg

Vice President Sanlin taught the topic: continuing historical context, compose contemporary Chinese chapters.jpg

In recent years, our school has adhered to the work of "the secretary and principal take the lead in grasping ideological and political lessons", established the work pattern of unified leadership of party committees, party and government, and coordinated education for various departments to carry forward the spirit of the "three leaders", that is, the party committee of the college party committeeAs the first responsible person in the construction of ideological and political courses, the secretary and principal took the lead in entering the classroom to listen to lectures, took the lead in promoting the construction of ideological and political courses, and took the lead in contacting teachers of ideological and political courses to provide a strong guarantee for the construction of ideological and political courses.

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