The 9th "Shenzhen Fair" vertical discussion on the development of TV drama development

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December 20th,Hot discussion information website9th China (Shenzhen) International TV Drama Fair(Here is the "Shenzhen Fair") opened in Shenzhen.This "Shenzhen Fair" will issue an industrial survey report and hold"Foreign Guest Special Exchange Meeting", "The Creation Symposium in the Real theme of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area"Important activities have attracted representatives of hundreds of film and television production institutions in the country (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), the central radio and television station and provincial -level television stations, local city -level media centers, national and local news media representatives.

Gao ChangliIn the main speech of the opening ceremony, we said that we must take on a new cultural mission, devote themselves to the creation of TV drama, and strive to create a new glory of modern civilization of the Chinese nation.

Long -termFurthermore, TV series creationLook at life with the spirit of modernism and romanticism, Actively participate in modern life, sing the great era of great times, and create more masterpieces of warm times;To enhance cultural self -confidence and historical initiative, Reappear the details and temperatures of the history of the 5,000 years of civilization with the perspective of the Great History and the Great Era, reveal the lessons and lessons of historical experience, and inherit the spirit of Chinese culture;Look at the future of human spread, Cultivate newcomers, accumulate momentum, vigorously promote the development of online movies, and meet the people's multi -level and diversified ornamental needs;Grasp the creation and the environment in one hand, Strive to create a good environment of standardized, fair, loose, and harmonious, promote the prosperity and development of TV dramas, online dramas, and online movies, and the prosperity and development of the cause and industry.

Industrial operation basically gets rid of the epidemic trouble

Affected by factors such as the epidemic, the "TV series (online drama) annual industrial survey report" that has been interrupted for two years was released again at the 9th "Shenzhen Fair".

Executive Vice President of the China TV Drama Production Industry Association, Liu YanmingSaid that view of the overall situation of the industry's development, 2023 is a year with important node significance--Industrial operation basically gets rid of the epidemic trouble, Multiple video platforms have achieved continuous profitability through cost reduction and efficiency."Long -termism" becomes the high -profile pursuit and practical action of mainstream brake institutionsThe masterpiece frequently allows the audience to steadily improve the overall satisfaction of domestic episodes.

It is worth mentioning that on the basis of conventional survey content of this year, this year's "Report" has carried out targeted information collection, observation research and strategy discussions on the scale and space, creation and operation, structure and model of industrial development.

"Report" believes,The output of TV drama has a sign of obvious signs of stabilityEssenceThis year's TV series shooting production number announced the number of publicity in the past five years, and the TV drama investment production recovers the recovery;The entire network broadcasts vision stops falling and reboundedIt reflects the development toughness of the long video drama market;Micro -short drama "New Circuit" opens the industry's incremental spaceIts follow -up trends and the impact on the entire industry ecology are even more worthy of continuous attention.

The "Report" emphasizes that under the consensus of high -quality and diverse industry, long video dramas are continuously improved at all levels such as viewing word of mouth, type breakthrough, artistic texture, and innovation expression;The linkage of series and full -link integration is increasingly frequent; the platform turns losses to usher in the turning point of performance, but the growth is weak. The focus is that the current turn of losses into profits is mainly due to "reducing costs" instead of "increasing income".The top priority;The operating conditions of the manufacturing industry have improved, but most institutions are still hovering on the edge of the survival lineEssence

At the same time, in terms of structure and pattern, you focus on two basic deep problems: one,Structural imbalances of all media communication and shortcomings for public servicesEssenceAt present, more than 900 television channels above the country, more than 2,000 district -level and county -level meling media centers or television stations are unable to buy new dramas, so that about 330 million huge audiences have no chance to watch a large number of a large number of broadcast on Internet video platforms.Excellent episodes, they can only see about 10%of them every 300 new dramas each year.

Second,The disadvantages and factors of the revenue and factor resources in the competition of long video dramas are lostEssenceUnder the current ecological model, a drama work cannot erupt its true box office value as a movie. The insufficient revenue is leading to various resource elements including funds and talents.Foundation for sustainable and high -quality development.

In this regard, the "Report" specifically proposed several Yanshen issues. Which interval of the production capacity of TV series (online drama) is more conducive to the continuous prosperity and development of the industry?How to achieve growth in the consumption scale of long video episodes?From the perspective of prosperity and development, how to cope with the real difficulties caused by the shortage of industry funds?How to achieve effectively spreading the whole media as soon as possible and start the new golden age of long videos?

Adhere to innovationAs well asUniqueness,,BoutiqueAs well asProfessional road

At the opening ceremony,Chen Xianyi, the former director of the Ministry of Culture of the PLA, You Xiaogang, the head of the China -System Association, Gong Yu, founder and CEO of iQiyi, Guo Jingyu, founder of Changxin Media, and Guangzhou Huanwang Technology Co., Ltd.CEO Wu Shenggang, Director of the China -System Association Youth Industry Committee Bai YizhengThe theme speeches were made separately.

You XiaogangIntroduce the relevant situation of further deepening the integration of the media and the establishment of a full media communication method, and send a saying that young and middle -aged practitioners work hard for the development of Chinese film and television culture."Looking down, looking at life, looking at Guangli, looking at the needs of the people, looking at the depths"Essence

"The hardest time in the film and television industry has passed. It has been firm for a long time, and is cautious and optimistic in the short term."Gong YuIt is said that the bottleneck of the episode industry is still a good script, and what is a good script?He thinks it needsWe must adhere to innovation, uniqueness, not imitation, not follow the trend, take the high -quality, professional roadEssence

Talking about the market challenges and opportunitiesGong YuIt is said that the audience tends to be more mature and the diversity requirements are heavier; the rise of mainland dramas overseas may be a new opportunity.The piracy has raised its head again, and the overall losses of the industry have heavy losses; the short video impact has been slow, and the paid micro -short dramas will be fierce; industrialization, intelligent production, and AIGC will have a huge impact on the industry in the next two or three or five years.

"Promoting high -quality innovation development of radio, television and online audiovisuals, and promoting the construction of a strong cultural country is the key."Bai Yizheng, Director of the China Association Youth Industry CommitteeIt is said that the Youth Industry Commission has always cultivated the field of excavation, cultivation and service of young talents. Through regularly holding the initial list, youth and Chinese dream, youth seminar and other activities, not only allowed youth film and television people to learn and progress together, but also enable themFind a sense of belonging in the organization.At the same time, actively build the stage for young film and television people to show their own works and abilities, so that young creators can get the industry's attention and recognition, and also provide more opportunities and space for their future development.direction.

The trading will be held on the afternoon of December 20thForeign guest special exchange meetingOfficials and experts from five countries from South Korea, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, and Bulgaria have further exchanged cooperation between Chinese and foreign TV dramas (online dramas) and broadcasting institutions to further strengthen the cooperation of Chinese and foreign TV dramas (online dramas).HoldShenzhen film and television industry resources and new Chinese and foreign dramas (projects) special promotion activities and seminars related seminars of micro -drama industryEssence

On the morning of December 21, the trading will be heldThe actual theme of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area and the Film and Television Ecological Construction SymposiumAt that time, the elite of the film and television industry will actively explore how to promote the ecological construction of the film and television industry in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area and promote the theme of film and television creation in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Wang Pengju, the vice president and secretary -general of the China Association,Yang Yong, Deputy Director of the Media Department of the State Administration of Radio and Television, Gao XiaoleiZhong Qingcai, deputy director of Guangdong Radio and Television Bureau, Chen Jinhai, executive deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Chen Shaohua, a second -level inspector of the Shenzhen Culture, Radio, Television Tourism and Sports Bureau, and Shang Boying, secretary of the party group and president of Shenzhen Broadcasting Film and Television Group.

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