New Year's Day sales passenger flow innovative Gao Sunac Commercial 2024 welcomes the opening of the door

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In 2023,一刻资讯 the successful ending of the practice and longing of a beautiful life, opening a new and energetic year, 2024 is full of expectations and beauty.

During the New Year's Day holiday, the flow of people was surging, and the festivals were frequent. Sunac Commercial ushered in a good transportation start in 2024, and surrendered a satisfactory result: the overall sales of 15 commercial projects across the country increased by 77%year -on -year, and the total passenger flow was 1.2 million.A year -on -year increase of 149%.

Among them, 10 commercial projects created a new 6 -dimensional high on the day of New Year's Eve:

★ Sales Chuangchuang has a record high: Kunming's Dianchuan Hai Dianchi and Huai'an Lianchuang Inspark (Kunming 1.9 million yuan, Huai'an 4.34 million yuan)

★ A new high of passenger flow 3: Guangzhou Sunac Mao exceeded 120,000, an increase of 28%year -on -year, Hai Dianchi over 180,000 after the Kunming Sunac, 467%year -on -year, Huai'an Lianchuang INSPARK exceeded 120,000, an increase of 145%year -on -year;

★ Sales Chuangchuang 5th Five of the year: Guangzhou Sunac Mao increased by 168%year -on -year, Jinan Rongchuangmao increased by 85%year -on -year, Chongqing Sunacoma, Nanchang Sunac Mao, and Sunac's wonderful world;

★ Three new highs of passengers at the time: Qingdao Sunoco Mao over 90,000, Jinan Rongchuangmao 73,700, and 32,200 Wonderful World;

★ New Year's Eve Sales History 1: 337 million yuan in Wuxi Sunac Mao;

★ New Year's Eve history of New Year's Eve: 150,000 people in Hefei Sunwin Mao, an increase of 379%year -on -year, a new high of the year; Wuxi Sunac Mao 50,000 people

To initiate the national buybuyday cross -city linkage to open the new

On the occasion of the end of the year, the start of the door has a good performance. Sunac Commercial continued to work with marketing. Its business planning has multiple innovative and fun Shuangdan marketing activities to create a beautiful life scene and bring high -quality consumer feast to consumers.New year.

Worshiping the old year, the New Year will be buybuy. Sunac Commercial launched an interesting [National BuybuyDay] New Year's Linerity Campaign.In the New Year's Eve, bringing a new shopping experience carnival to consumers.

Link IP entertainment, focus on scene upgrades, enrich the shopping center experience, and help improve performance.When Sunac Commercial comes in the New Year, it links [Longbao Little Hero] anime IP to extend the theme. Harbin Sunacomo, Guangzhou Sunacoma, Qingdao Sunac Mao and other shopping centers created the themeIn the exhibition, combined with other industry institutions to carry out various performing arts such as instruments, dances, and catwalks, supplemented by Longbao Dolls to make fun tour, creating a wonderful dreamland for children and teenagers, helping parent -child interest to expand the social network.

Not only this, Sunac Commercial has been operating carefully in family parent -child aspects to meet the core demands of parent -child parent -child in Chinese families. According to the project characteristics, differentiated content, carefully presenting a series of fun and learning activities about children, creating a variety of spans for children for childrenDreaming moment.

For example, the special art label of Chongqing Rongchuangmao [Little Hongmao Art Exchange] The sixth season of the event came as scheduled, and united many children's interest agencies to set up a stage of dreams and dreams for children to provide music, dance, speeches, catwalksWait for the performance stage and annual performance.Nanchang Rongchuangmao launched a parent -child marine Hundred Scientific Research Day, and the United States World allowed children to contact marine life at close range and learn related knowledge.Huanzhang] New Year's Eve concert, Chengdu Sunac Mao launched a lot of youth musical instruments, so that children can shine.

Landscape lighting at the festive atmosphere, creating momentum to ignite the enthusiasm of consumption

Sunac Commercial borrows the enthusiasm for consumption in the festival, creating a beautiful and shiny festival atmosphere, opening a firework show that symbolizes the beautiful expectations of the New Year, and bringing consumers a romantic experience and good blessings.

The 24 -minute long New Year's Fireworks Show in the Houhai of Dianchuang Dianchuang, Kunming brought a carnival feast to the people of Kunming; Jinan Rongchuangmao invited thousands of people to romantic countdown under the light and skyscraper of Quancheng.; Harbin Rongchuangmao also brought international non -heritage performance dance dragons and iron flowers, allowing people to feel a shocking performance in the cold northern country.From south to north, Sunac Commercial used a gorgeous fireworks show to welcome the new year with consumers to create a better life together.

Fireworks are constantly, and the music is not stopped. Sunac Commercial Links are more young customers, igniting consumers with high enthusiasm, and playing at the end of the year.Jinan Rongchuangmao brought 2024 Spring City Super Electronic Music Night to play with New Year's Eve together; Kunming Sunac Dianchuyin Houhai to create a New Year's Electronic Music Carnival, 22 -meter ultra -high electronic music stage with 3D visual effects, immersed experience Sai Bo Poch for PoEMusic World; Chengdu Global Center held [Global Digital Play Carnival] and anime electronic music carnival and dimensional electronic music stage, which combines two -dimensional music and digital music to bring a new pioneer music experience;Both Chuangmao and Huai'an Sunac Inspark invited or joined the local well -known singer band to open a music carnival party.

Enrich consumer scenarios and experiences, focus on consumer needs and interaction, and mobilize consumers' emotional value. This is what is currently active and active in business.Sunac Commercial adheres to one city and one strategy. Based on local culture and project characteristics, projects in various places bring different themes to consumers with different themes.

Based on the geographical advantages of Xishuangbanna, Suncai Naoco Mao launched a large -scale flower theme activity of [Welcome to the New Flower Market].Then the United Nations Cat Alliance International Cat Exhibition brings Wuxi's largest [Meow Expo] in Wuxi, invited 50 cat houses, hundreds of cute cats gathered in the Elvis Grand Capital, and fun activities such as Elvis GrandmineIn addition, I also jointly organized the [Hot Snow Jiangnan Street Dance Contest] to encourage Dancer to integrate the elements of his hometown in the creation as a ball friend;, Bringing attention anti -hearty gravitational miracles.

Obviously, in the era of new consumption, Sunac's commercial insights market and consumer trends, strengthen overall marketing linkage in various places, adhere to the original intention, create a high -quality space atmosphere, and strive to create the most authentic and pleasant shopping experience.Merchants and consumers have achieved win -win and development in various parties, and truly present a better life experience.

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