The Chinese baseball team introduced Japanese Chinese players to participate in the competition, but the "naturalization" statement did not accurately broadcast articles

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TheExpress information website World Baseball Classic, which was jointly planned by the American Professional Baseball League and the International Baseball Federation, will be restarted in March after five years.Among them, the Chinese baseball team will be invited to participate in a group B game in Tokyo. The same group opponents include the Japanese team, South Korea, Australia and the Czech Republic.On February 10, the China Baseball Association announced the 30s of 30 people participating in the World Baseball Classic. Among them, 4 Chinese players were shortlisted.Valuable player) True Sandy Jie.

Zhensha Yongjie Figure according to IC Photo

The parents of Shinha Yongjie are from China, and their father has always retained Chinese nationality.Interestingly, according to Japanese media reports, Shima Yongsuke's father would not speak Japanese, and Shinha Yongsuke himself could not speak Chinese. The father and son communicated at home daily, and the mother and brother needed to act as a translation.

Nakaha Yongsui, born in 1994, represented the Japanese team in 2016 to participate in the first U23 Baseball World Cup. Not only did the Japanese team win the championship, I also won the U23 World Cup MVP because of the 4th base player in that event.In 2017, Shi Yongjie, who shined in the U23 World Cup, joined the SoftBank Eagle Team of the Japanese Professional Baseball.In another choice of Japanese professional baseball, university baseball and high school baseball, many team members are ordinary people.

On February 10, the Japanese media took the lead in disclosing the news that Shinha Yongsuke would participate in the World Baseball Classic Game on behalf of the Chinese team, and the list announced by the China Baseball Association later confirmed this.Many media today said that the Chinese team has four "naturalized players" this time, but this statement is not accurate.Because the world baseball classic match is different from traditional international events, the rules of the event stipulate,Participants in each team do not necessarily need citizens of the country or region. They only need one of their parents to be eligible to become citizens in the country or region.Essence

In the 2017 World Baseball Classic, five Chinese players entered the Chinese baseball team's participation list, including Chinese Chinese Zhang Baoshu, Panama Chinese Chen Yongcai, Korean Chinese Zhu Quan and others.Baseball classic.Before the 2017 competition, Xinhua News Agency reported that although the five Chinese players had at least 1/4 of Chinese ancestry, their nationality was not China, and their identities were not naturalized.In the World Baseball Classic in 2023, Zhang Baoshu and Zhu Quan will participate again on behalf of the Chinese team, and Shina Yongjie is selected for the Chinese team for the first time.In addition, there is a 25 -year -old American Chinese pitcher Alan Carter in the Chinese team, his mother is from China.

The four Chinese players who participated in the Chinese team this time are actually not the top players within the scope of the world professional baseball. Zhu Quan is not the main force of the Korean professional baseball.Carter is also a small league who has just entered the United States from university, and Zhang Baoshu is 40 years old.However, their personal ability and competition experience will still enhance the strength of the Chinese team and bring greater help.

The World Baseball Classic Tournament is divided into four groups. The first two in each group will advance to the knockout. The Chinese team's best score in this game was 11th.

Red Star News reporter Jiang Shan

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