The domestic market is narrowed, and the Chinese TV brand "rolls" overseas search increase | 2023 · Large recovery

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Judging from the data released by multiple research institutions,First-line information website this year's domestic TV market has recovered, the consumer demand is not strong, and the market has gone throughout the market. The entire domestic TV market has decreased by more than 10%in five consecutive months.Zoey He, a senior analyst at GFK Home Appliances Division, told the Titanium Media APP that in the short term, the market demand in the market is insufficient, and the general decline in the year -on -year decline in the annual retail volume of 2023 has been set.

However, just as domestic mobile phones have increased overseas layout for increment, in the context of the domestic television market continued to be sluggish, in recent years, Chinese television brand brands are accelerating the pace of globalization to seek development.

GFK Global TV (excluding North America) retail monitoring data from January to October 2023 shows that the sales share of Chinese brands in overseas markets rose to 14.1%, an increase of 2.9 percentage points compared to the same period last year; and Chinese brand overseas market revenueThe proportion of contributions also increased from 17%in 2019 to 39%in January to October 2023.

"Obviously, the development of overseas has become the core driving force for TV companies to achieve sustainable growth," said Ma Kui, an analyst of GFK China Home Appliances Division.

It should be pointed out that different markets have different demand, and have put forward more tests on the image of the brand, the selling point of the product, and the marketing, and manufacturing.In the context of the narrowing of the global TV market, the "rolling" overseas of Chinese television brands is also a reshaping and upgrade from upstream supply chains to terminal products.

With scale shrinking, Chinese brands overseas increased overseas

In previous articles, the Titanium Media APP has analyzed the performance of this year's TV market. From the recovery of the beginning of the year to the increasing price reduction in the later period, the current domestic TV market is in a state of "pseudo -warming".According to the total data of Ovi Cloud Network (AVC), the retail volume of the Chinese color TV market in the third quarter of 2023 was 6.95 million units, a year -on -year decrease of 14.7%, but the retail sales scale reached 24 billion yuan, an increase of 1.2%year -on -year.

Image source: Loto Technology

Image source: Loto Technology

Considering the current market volume and product power, many institutions have also lowered the expectations of this year's TV market.Among them, RUNTO (RUNTO) further lowered the prediction of shipments in the Chinese market in 2023, within 37 million units, a year -on -year decrease of about 7%.

Liu Haijiao, a senior research manager of the Consumer Electronics Division of Ovi Cloud (AVC), pointed out to the Titanium Media APP that as the policy gradually relaxes, the real estate market is expected to stabilize, but the probability of a substantial growth is low.Lights are less tensile; TV update replacement market lacks innovative product stimuli, and market potential mining is more difficult. It is expected that the Chinese color TV market will still face relatively large scale pressure next year.


The performance of domestic TV markets is also a microcosm of the global market.GFK Global TV market retail monitoring data shows that the global TV market has shrunk from January to October 2023, with sales of 94.17 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 6%, sales of 45.2 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 12%. GFK is expected.The promotional activities in the fourth quarter are likely to not exceed the current market decline, and the expected market volume of 2023 will drop.

Earlier, statistical data pointed out that since the third quarter, my country's home appliance exports have been in an accelerated recovery trend.For the television industry, with the acceleration of brand globalization, more Chinese television brands have added the layout and investment overseas to find new increments.


Data from GFK show that Chinese brands occupy global sales share rising from 24.6%in 2019 to 28.6%in January to October 2023; in terms of divided regions, the Chinese brand share of CIS, Central Eastern Europe, and Western Europe is significantly significantly year-on-year.Increase.

Public information shows that in the first half of this year, Hisense TV's sales increased by more than 60%in Germany, ranking among the top three in nine countries including Germany, Britain, Italy, and Spain.The statistics of OMDIA show that the global shipments of TCL TVs in the first half of 2023 reached 11.47 million units, and the market share reached 12.4%, ranking second in the world.

Go to sea, a new business starting from scratch

It is never easy to develop markets in strange regions.Even in the domestic brand, it must start from scratch in overseas markets.For many years, Chinese TV brands have been laying overseas overseas. Through various aspects such as products, technology, and manufacturing, it has improved its local influence.

In simple terms, Chinese television companies are currently in a continuous expansion stage. The main ways are divided into three types: one is to expand overseas markets through its own brands represented by TCL and Hisense, and the other is traditional TV companies, such as Changhong and Skyworth.The method of going to the sea includes its own brands to go to sea and the foundry business to go to sea. Third, pure foundry companies, such as Maojia, Zha Chi, Gaocuin and other companies, through expanding brand customer resources and global capacity layout.

Oviro Senior Analyst Li Aiping revealed to the Titanium Media APP that under the current overseas expansion strategy of TCL and Hisense, the scale of overseas shipments has continued to expand in recent years.The market share of overseas brand market, global TV brand shipments ranked among the top three; the second overseas business is currently mainly based on foundry business. The annual overseas shipment scale is 700-9 million units; the third overseas shipment scale is 500-12 million units.

Due to the large differentiation of different markets, Chinese television brands must make targeted adjustments in marketing and product planning.Ovirwo senior analyst Li Aiping said that the domestic market brand has a large right to speak, and the price increase is based on the opinions of the brand. The foreign market channels are king.Cooperation relationship.

"Due to various reasons such as competition and patents, overseas markets have high requirements for compliance. Television companies enter overseas markets. Pay attention to compliance inspections in products, patents, funds and other aspects."

GFK China Home Appliances Division Analyst Ma Kui also pointed out that in terms of demand structure, there are obvious differentiation of price bands in various regions.The picture becomes the core of overseas marketing.

It can be seen that in order to quickly enter the local market, some brands will enter the game through acquisitions, and then copy their own supply chain and research and development capabilities to obtain returns.Enterprises entering the bureau through their own brand will vigorously sponsor the activities of well -known events and play the brand's banner, such as Hisense's sponsorship of the European Cup, TCL becomes the official partner of the German National Men's Football Team.

Zhang Shaoyong, Vice President of TCL Industrial and TCL Electronic CEO, told the Titanium Media APP that overseas markets have been very large. In the past two years, they have maintained double -digit growth. TCL's development has also entered the second stage: brand value leading scale growthEssence"Since 2021, a clear strategy is to enter the second stage, brand value growth, we have to do the same good products as Samsung and Sony."

The key to the differentiated innovation of preferences is the key to winning in the future

With the changes in market and user needs, higher requirements have been put on TV brands, which has also changed the development of brand operation and operating strategies.If you want to stand for a long time in the overseas market, you must have core competitiveness to meet the needs of the local market in terms of technology, brand and channels, and production.In other words, it is through overseas localized operation strategies, so as to integrate more into the local market.

At present, TCL industrial sales agencies are spread in more than 80 countries and regions, with business in more than 160 countries and regions, and have set up smart manufacturing production bases in many countries and regions around the world.Hisense has 34 industrial parks and production bases worldwide, 25 research and development institutions, 66 overseas companies and offices.

At the same time, the brand needs to clarify the market's judgment and direction of the product, so as to launch products targeted to avoid detours.GFK stated in the report that focusing on the global high-end market from January to October 2023, quantum dot widened color gamut, GPU synchronization, 75-inch and above, Dolby Atmos Dolby panorama product sales increased by 9%, 7%, and 7%, respectively, and respectively.9%and 7%, its market growth rate is far better than the overall market performance of the TV (negative increase of 12%).

GFK China Home Appliances Division analyst Ma Kui pointed out that in terms of consumption habits, domestic consumers are relatively keen on large size, while foreign consumers pay more attention to the quality of the picture, especially in developed Asia and Western Europe.OLED product sales account for 23.9%; in terms of marketing, high -end market coverage rates and brand image standardization of products, domestic brands need to be improved and strengthened.

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From "volume" abroad to overseas, the key to winning the future brand is innovation and investment. The core issue facing TV manufacturers is how to define innovation and value.From the perspective of the Titanium Media APP, Chinese TV brands have gone to sea from top to bottom from the supply chain to the terminal market.Compared with foreign brands, Chinese brands should combine their advantages in intelligence, connection, and supply chain. Through product technology innovation and matching with local consumption concepts, new increments are expanded.

Lee Aiping, a senior analyst of Ovarwo, also believes that in foreign markets, on the one hand, it is to expand brand awareness and market share through influence.International image.

However, it is important to note that focusing on innovation, but not useless differentiated innovation, which meets the lowest requirements of market demand.Earlier, when talking about related topics, Zhang Shaoyong did not perform too anxious. He told the Titanium Media APP that it was difficult for technology to develop to this day, and the brand did not provide it.

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