The Chinese Taipei baseball team defeated the Italian team, and the Kuomintang Youth has promised to send 1,000 eggs today

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The一手资讯 Director of Wu Zhigang's Office of the Chinese Kuomintang Taipei City Council and Manchu Gang, the president of the Taipei Youth Working Committee, said on the 10th that as long as the Chinese Taipei baseball team can defeat the Italian team that day, he will send 1,000 eggs!IntersectionIn the end, the Chinese Taipei team repelled Italy from 11-7 as she wished. Man Zhigang said, "Speaking of this, the promise of the afternoon will be immediately afternoon (11th)."

According to, in the World Baseball Classic Group A game on March 10, Chinese Taipei was brave after the first defeat in Panama.The team's 7 -game losing streak in WBC history.

Because the first results of Taipei in China were not as expected to Panama. At 7 pm on the 10th, the team played the water to fight against Italy, which played against Cuba.

Before Man Zhigang, no one wanted to lose. For many years of effort to show the style in front of the elderly in Taiwan. What the fans could do is to support re -support, support and re -support the court, and ask the Chinese hero!

Before Manzhi Gang, he promised that as long as the Chinese Taipei team defeated Italy today, he issued 1,000 eggs!IntersectionIn the end, the team repelled Italy from 11-7. Man Zhigang said last night, "Speaking of this, tomorrow (11th) will immediately practice the promise, and will announce the time and place of the eggs at about 9 am. Please follow it again!"

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