Yunnan Province will hold the first winter sports meeting

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News on December 19th,breaking news websiteThe first Winter Games of Yunnan Province and the 10th National Volkswagen Ice and Snow Season, 2023 Yunnan Provincial Ice and Snow Sports Promotion and Population will open on December 22 in KunmingAt that time, everyone can enjoy a "ice and snow feast".

Picture 2.PNGThe conference site / material originated from Xinhuanet

In the first Winter Games in Yunnan Province, there are two major items in four major items of skiing, skating, ice hockey, and roller skating in this public and adolescent group. It is expected to produce 88 gold medals.The first stage of the competition is from December 22 to 24, 2023, and the second stage competition is from January 1st to 3rd, 2024.

At the same time, the press conference was also released at the same time, as well as the emblem, mascots, songs, and slogans of the first Winter Games in Yunnan Province.

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The emblem (left) and mascot (right) / material of the first Winter Games at the Yunnan Winter Games at the press conference originated from Xinhuanet

The mascot in the picture is "Gull K", the gull is a red mouth gull, and K is the first letter of Kunming. The meaning of the homophonic "OK" means a complete success.

So far, 121 teams in 16 states (cities) in Yunnan Province have signed up for the competition, with a total of 1,137 leaders, coaches, and athletes.

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