How to watch the Manchester City Club World Cup semi -final: kick -off time, TV channel and live broadcast

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Original title: How to watch the Manchester City Club World Cup semi -final: kick -off time,时事热点 TV channel and live broadcast

Manchester City will face Pu and Red Diamonds in the World Cup semi -finals held in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, and have the opportunity to play against Foumine in Brazil in the finals

Manchester City's goal is to add a new trophy to the growing collection of Saudi Arabia.

Guardiola's team participated in the World Cup for the first time. He won the Champions League championship last season and won the Champions League qualification.Manchester City has historically won the three crowns of the Champions League, the Premier League and the Football Cup, and now they are now impacting another trophy.

As the Champions League, they will enter the game directly in the semi -finals, and they will play against Pu and the Red Diamond Team on Tuesday.The team flew directly to Saudi Arabia after drawing the Crystal Palace at 2-2 on Saturday. Now I will try to throw their disappointing performance in the Premier League.Here are all the information you need to understand.

When is the Manchester City vs Urawa Red Diamonds?

Manchester City will play against the Japanese team at 6 pm on Tuesday, December 19, British time at 6pm.It was 9 pm Saudi Arabia.

What TV channels do the Manchester City vs Urawa Red Diamonds broadcast?

This game will be broadcast live on TNT SPORTS 2 in the UK, and the report will start from 5:45 pm.It can also be broadcast live on Discovery + applications.

Manchester City Team News

Manchester City has not been in the past three games.The star forward was injured and sought for a fitness master named "The Fix" to recover in time before the World Cup.

"He has been receiving treatment," Guardiola said last week."I hope he can go to Saudi Arabia, where we will go there tomorrow. He will travel with us. After that, we will see if he can participate in the first game or the second game, or when we come back. I don'tHe thinks he will play (against the Crystal Palace), but maybe he will surprise me, and they will tell me some new things.

Manchester City has only won one game in the past six Premier League, and has fallen to fourth place, and the leading sheep Arsenal is five points.But having a chance to become the fourth England team that won the World Cup is a seductive prospect.

If they defeat Puhe Red Diamonds, Manchester City will play against Flumine in the finals on Friday. Previously, the Brazilian team defeated Alf in the first semi -finals on Monday.They must send their Japanese opponents in Gada.

Possible Manchester City eleven people: Ortega; Lewis, Stonus, Dias, Ak; Silva, Rodri, Kovacic; Fudden, Alvarez, Gralsh.

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