These constellations are male temperament, stinky report articles

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Lion man

The一刻资讯 lion man may be noisy a day,

What is a bit uncomfortable,

I like to be noisy.

Even if you already have a certain social status,

I still like me, I am doing myself,

You must point it out if you don't get used to it.

Whether it is relatives or friends or lovers,

The lion man will never bow his head first,

Even if it's wrong,

I don't want to admit it.

Just such an unreasonable person,

The temper is so smelly,

It's really unclear how everyone gets along with him.


Taurus man is usually okay,

I feel that I have no temper,

Talking is also very gentle.

But once something happens to touch the bottom line,

Taurus man directly erupted,

There is no room for cushion.

At this time, he can show his stinky temper,

Not only is the anger, it is strange,

It's particularly difficult to coax.

It is useless to persuade who is stubborn,

But you don't persuade him to not even,

That really makes people dilemma.


Aquarius man looks very fun,

Every day is happy,

Many people think this person gets along well.

In fact, he is just polite to strangers,

Treat the people around you,

That temper was really stinky and weird.

I don't know what to mess with him at all,

I don't know if he is really angry,

It's hard to think about it anyway.

I love negative emotions one day,

And when you don't get angry, you like cold violence,

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