The Army Air strikes the vice chairman of the Politburo of the Lebanon's capital!Remove the Lord: A response will be responded

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According to Xinhua News Agency,一线资讯 Lebanon media reported on the 2nd, IsraeliDroneOn the same day, the Islamic Islamic Islamic Islamic Islamic Islamic Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) office in the southern suburbs of Lebruss,As a resultEssence

Isaurus attacks the capital of Lebanon

Hamas leader died in Lebanon: Complaints!

According to CCTV News, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) issued a statement issued by the armed faction of the armed faction in the social media, and the attack on the southern suburbs of the Lebanon capital on the evening of January 2nd, local time, was attacked.Has Hamas Politburo Vice Politburo Samir Findi Abu Amer, Samir Findi Abu Amer, two commanders of Hamas Politburo and Kasana brigade, and AzzamSeven people, including al-aqraa) and 4 other members of Hamas, diedEssence

Lebanon Prime Minister Mikati condemned the attack that day and called on the international community to "stop Israel's aggression."He said that this was "new crime committed by Israel", and its purpose was to allow Lebanon to enter a new stage of confrontation.

On the evening of January 2, local time, according to the Lebanon Foreign Ministry statement,At the request of Lebanon Prime Minister Mikati, it has submitted a formal complaint on the event of Israel's attack on the southern suburbs of Beirut, the capital of Israel to attack the Israeli capital on the evening of the 2ndEssence

Hamas sources said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency that Aruri and his assistants were killed in the Israeli air strike.Hamas has informed the mediation party such as Qatar and Egypt to freeze the "any negotiations" with IsraelEssence

Hamas Politburo issued a statement on the same day, condemning Israel's assassination of Alley as "cowardly behavior."Hamas issued a statement on social media, saying thatAruri being assassinated will not weaken the "resistance force"Essence

According to CCTV News, on the evening of January 2nd, local time, Hania Political Bureau leader Hania delivered a television speech to express condolences to those who were attacked by the southern suburbs of Berut.And said that "Aruri's attack will not affect the progress and upgrade of Hamas's action"Essence

According to news on the evening of January 2, local time on Peninsula TV, Palestinian political factions issued a statement saying that they would mourn and comprehensively strike on the attack on the southern suburbs of Lebanon's capital Beirut, and took action on the "various fronts".

After the incident, the Israeli government and the military did not directly comment on the air strike on the southern suburbs of Berut.But the Israeli military spokesman Higheri said in an interview with the media that Israel will continue to fight Hamas and be prepared to deal with any situation.

The true party fires rockets to the Euijun in many places

Israeli launched a shell against Southern Lebanon

According to CCTV News, on the evening of January 2nd, local time, the Lebanon Allah issued a statement saying that the vice chairman of the Harma Politburo was attacked in the southern suburbs of Burut, the capital of Leet, the capital of the Haras Politburo.This incident is an attack on Lebanon's sovereignty and the security of the people. Aruri was killed at the political and security level.Essence

The statement said,The attack "will get a response", and the Trust force has been fully preparedEssence

According to news on January 2nd, local time on Channel 12 of Israel, after being attacked on the southern suburbs of Barurt in Lebanon, on the evening of the same day,The Lebanon Magic Party fired an anti -tank rocket to the Israeli National Defense Force Powder at the Temporary Border Lamim Ridge at the Temporary Border, and the Army returned with the tank firepower.Essence

In addition, the Lebanon Lord issued a statement that night saying that rockets fired rockets and causing casualties to the military regions of the Malcie region, Manila settlement and Jal Alam in northern Israel, and the military area in the Isram.

According to Arabia TV, in response, Israeli launched many places against Southern Lebanon.

The Lebanon National News Agency also reported that on the night of January 2nd, the suburbs of Hula Town, Southeast Lebanon were attacked by a white phosphorus bomb fired by the army, and the army also shot the Huning Valley near Hula.

The Israeli army withdrew a large number of soldiers from the Gaza Strip

Prepare for the war with Lebanese Real Party

according toXinhuanetThe Israeli military announced on January 1 that the number of five brigades will be withdrawn from the Gaza Strip in the next few weeks to thousands of soldiers. Many of the reserve soldiers will dissolve home and restore daily production and life.According to some Israeli officials and militaryAnalystIn terms of saying, this means that the military operations of the Palestinian Islamic Islamic Islamic Islamic ASICS (Hamas) have entered a new stage with a lower intensity but longer.

This is the Israeli forces filmed on December 27, 2023 on the side of the Israeli side of the Gaza border.Xinhua News Agency (Gil ·Cohen· Magen)

The Israeli military introduced in a statement on January 1 that of the five brigades that withdrew, the two older brigades will return home, and the other three brigades will return to the resident to take further training as planned.The preparation of the military -level units in the army, about 4,000 people.The military did not disclose the deployment of the military forces in the Gaza Strip, so it is unclear how many troops have been deployed after the withdrawal of these troops.

The photo released on December 25, 2023 by the Israeli National Defense Force showed that the Evis ground forces launched military operations in Khanis in the south of Gaza Strip.Xinhua News Agency

Some witnesses in the north of the Gaza Strip told AFP that they saw that the Israeli army left multiple areas inside and outside the city of Gaza, which may also mean re -deployment, not permanent evacuation.

The Israel spokesman Daniel Hugari held a press conference on December 31 last year and did not indicate that the withdrawal of some troops means that the war entered a new stage, but only emphasized "The goal of war requires long -term operations, we are preparing accordingly"" ".

The Associated Press analyzed that this move is in line with the "low -intensity" military action phase mentioned by the Israeli leadership. It is expected to continue this stage in 2024.Essence

On December 31, 2023, in the middle of the Gaza Strip in the Mida Kazaki Refugee Camp, people checked the ruins after the air strikes of the Israeli army.Xinhua News Agency

According to Reuters, after the outbreak of the Pakistani conflict on October 7 last year, the first stage of the Israeli Action was a large -scale bombing and a comprehensive blockade of the Gaza, forcing the local civilians to evacuate.The second stage began on the Grang Strip in a large number of ground troops on October 27.Israel now claims to be almost completely controlled from the north of the Gaza Strip in military, therefore reduce the army deployed there.However, the Israeli Army was often attacked by Pakistani armed personnel in the north of the Gaza Strip, and fought arms such as Hamas in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

A Israeli official who is unwilling to disclose the name explained that the military operations of the Israeli military are entering the third stage, "At least 6 months, including dense clearance operations... No one talks about Heping pigeons from Shaye. "Shajeya is a residential area in the eastern part of Gaza City.

USA"New York Times"The report pointed out that the Israeli leadership continued to tell the public that the military operations of the Gaza Strip will be long -term, even if some critics suspect that the government can finally achieve the goal of eliminating Hamas.""think,The Israeli Army has not achieved the goal of disintegrating Hamas's military capabilities or its governing capacity in the Gaza Strip, and has not been rescued by hundreds of Israelis detained in the Gaza Strip.Essence

The Israeli officials who are unwilling to disclose their name said that among the five brigades that withdrew from the Gaza Strip,Some troops will prepare for the battle between the North Line and the Battle of the Lebanese MastersEssenceThese troops will rotate the northern border garrison.

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