Wanda Plaza Yisuo shakes first -tier cities, and the commercial structure is shuffled.

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[Wanda Plaza Yisuo shocked first -tier cities,First-line information website and the commercial structure was shuffled.] Wanda Group sold Wanda Plaza again in first -tier cities, marking the change of the commercial real estate pattern.The company owned by Zhonglian Fund took over Wanda Plaza in Shanghai Jinshan, Taicang, Huzhou, and Luogang, Guangzhou. Wang Jianlin accelerated its strategic transformation, focused on core business, and reduced financial pressure.This has aroused the widespread attention of the market for future commercial real estate competition.


Wanda's business layout changes again!Recently, Wanda Group's four Wanda Plaza in the core first -tier cities was taken over by a company owned by Zhonglian Fund.With the entry into commercial real estate from the China United Fund, the Shanghai Kinshan, Taicang, Huzhou and Guangzhou Luogang Wanda Plaza will undoubtedly bring new vitality to the commercial real estate of these cities.The China United Fund's move is not just a simple acquisition, it represents Wanda's strategic adjustment in commercial real estate and the rapid response to market changes.

Wang Jianlin's series of actions show his deep insight into commercial real estate.Under financial pressure, Wanda chose to sell some assets to reduce the burden on the enterprise and focus on its core business.Such a large -scale transfer of assets not only helps Wanda Group to optimize resource allocation, but also provides new opportunities for other players in the industry.The market generally expects that the pace of Wanda will be more stable in the future and more sustainable development.

For the receiving Zhonglian Fund, how to integrate and operate these newly acquired assets will be a big challenge.It is necessary to maintain the brand value of Wanda Plaza and break out in the increasingly competitive commercial real estate market.For these first -tier cities, the new weather in Wanda Plaza may trigger a new round of competitive intensity of commercial real estate.

Editor's comment:This is an iconic event for Wanda Group to sell commercial real estate projects in core cities again.Wanda Plaza, as a benchmark for commercial real estate in China, will undoubtedly bring a chain reaction to the local and even the country's commercial real estate market.Wanda's such large -scale asset disposal will inevitably be interpreted as a prediction of the future prospects of commercial real estate.Although Wang Jianlin said that this is the need for corporate strategic transformation, whether such a transformation can bring expected positive benefits to Wanda still needs to be tested in the market.

For Zhonglian Fund, this acquisition is more like a gambling.How to combine the original brand value of Wanda Plaza with the resource advantages of the China United Fund to create a new business model, which will be the challenge that China United Fund needs to face next.In addition, the competition in commercial real estate in first -tier cities is very fierce. How to maintain a lead in this competition is the focus of the industry's attention.

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