In late December, TV panel quotation continues to fall

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  According to TrendForce announced on December 20th,实时资讯 the panel offer in late December. The deputy president Fan Boyu said that the TV panel is not ideal due to the final promotion results of the black Friday on Friday.As for the large -scale brand customers, we continue to correct the demand for panel orders.

  Fan Boyu pointed out that on the TV panel part, the panel factory actively reduces production and regulate output and inventory water level, and even predicted that there will be a repair arrangement of nearly two weeks during the first quarter of the lunar calendar next year to slow down the pressure of price decline and build panel prices to reverse reversalThe upward atmosphere.

  Fan Boyu believes that because of the continuous expansion of production reduction, the price decline in the TV panel in December was observed. The price of TV panels fell as in November. 32 -inch and 43 inches fell $ 2, and 50 inches fell $ 3.55 inches fell $ 2, 65 -inch and 75 -inch fell $ 3.

  In the monitoring of the panel part, Fan Boyu said that the demand in the fourth quarter continued to be weak, and the panel factory only made a slight concession at the price of high -end models.The cargo capacity, the posture is obviously soft. It is expected that the 23.8 -inch Open Cell panel will fall at $ 0.2 in December, and 21.5 -inch, 23.8 inches and 27 inches will fall by 0.1 US dollars.

  In the fourth quarter of the laptop panel, the demand also weakened. In order to maintain shipments, the panel factory began to make the price of the panel that continued to be stable for several months tilted towards the buyer.Fan Boyu expects that except for 11.6 -inch and 14 /15.6 -inch TN panels, the price is low and the supply is small, and it can still be flat.

  According to the latest offer in late December, the average price of 65 -inch TV panels is 163 US dollars, a monthly decrease of 1.8%, a 55 -inch average price of $ 122, a monthly decrease of 1.6%, a 43 -inch average price of 61 US dollars, a monthly decrease of 3.2%, a 32 -inch average price price$ 33 and a monthly decrease of 5.7%.

  In the monitoring panel part, the 27 -inch panel was $ 61.6, a monthly decrease of 0.2%, the average price of 23.8 -inch panels was 47.9 US dollars, a monthly decrease of 0.2%, and the average price of 21.5 -inch panels was 41.7 US dollars, which was the same as last month.

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