[A passionate ice and snow covenant] New Balhu Youqi "Ice and Snow+" article is more and more exciting

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Hulun Lake in winter is moment information websitemore magnificent

Cultural activities are colorful

The picturesque winter grassland attracts countless people who are pursuing beauty with its deep and thick weight.In recent years, the New Balhu Right Banner has comprehensively promoted the "five major action plans" proposed by the Hulunbuir Municipal Party Committee.The business system is full of effort to create a boutique in autumn and winter travel, brighter ice and snow tourism brands, ice and snow tourism, ice and snow sports hot, ice and snow culture, "ice and snow+" article are more exciting.

"Ice and Snow Drama" continues to staged the popularity of tourism and continues to rise

If you use snowflakes to depict the winter scenery of the right flag of New Balhu, then after the development of recent years, the ice and snow industry of the New Balko Right Banner has ushered in the "flowers" of the city.At the end of November, the new Balhuki Right Banner's winter ice and snow Narmu officially launched, which quickly set off a new round of winter tourism boom.More than a hundred running enthusiasts felt the charm of ice and snow sports during the first off -road running activity of Bingxiamu, and played a harmonious movement to go to the "Fourteen Winter" ice and snow.

In the snow and snow, the heat waves of national fitness continued to rise.In the past few days, New Balhu Youqi has held the 8th China Inner Mongolia "Alatan Moro" Cup youth Judo International Invitational Tournament, New Balhuy Right Banner "China -Russia and Mongolia" the most beautiful border crossing and other winter events to maintain winterThe cultural tourism market is not as popular as.At the same time, we will continue to strengthen the construction of ice and snow facilities and product supply around ice and snow sports, accelerate the construction of winter ice and snow sports venue reconstruction projects, expand the area of skating venue, increase the rest area, safety protection and other facilities, improve reception capacity, and enrich ice and snow products and formats.

Promote "ice and snow+" cross -border integration to build a new scene of consumption

Going south to avoid the cold and chasing the snow north, "ice and snow+" is becoming a new choice for people's leisure and fitness in winter.New Balhu Youqi started from the supply -side structural reform. "Make up for shortcomings, strong and weak items", continuously expand the effective supply of winter tourism products, vigorously develop the "ice and snow" culture, provide more diverse products and services, and create New BarlThe characteristic ice and snow activities and events characteristic of Tiger Right Banner keep the passion of the ice and snow sports. It becomes a new way for national fitness, healthy New Balhu Youqi New Power, new social activities, and enables the development of cultural tourism industries to become bigger and stronger.The Economic Tourism economy has injected new vitality.

New Balhu Youqi always follows the spirit of the important exposition spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "Bing Tianxue is also the Jinshan Yinshan".Culture, actively act and plan in advance, through the development of snow off -road horse racing, fighting, Tongke (archery), Mongolian chess competition, Balhu Salog game and other winter national sports series, better make sports charm and nature of nature.Cheng Tuyan gives new connotations of winter cultural tourism; by holding non -heritage project display, exhibitions, handicrafts, tourism product exhibition and marketing activities, presented the best cultural tourism resources of New Balhu and Right Banner, and make the core cultural tourism products beading intoChain; By carrying out a series of activities to benefit the people's performances, snow football, ice hockey competitions and other activities, through a lot of interesting, ornamental, participation, and experiential cultural tourism theme products, gradually create new Balko right flag characteristic ice and snowCultural tourism brands, comprehensively show the magnificent ice and snow scenery, gorgeous culture and art, rich festival activities, and unique folk customs, and re -ignite "prosperity" for winter tourism.New Balhu Youqi will also jointly hold the China -Mongolia Friendship Association with Mongolia to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Mongolia to enhance the friendship between China and Mongolia.

Fighting the integration of cultural tourism integration combination boxing ice and snow economy continues to heat up

In recent years, New Balhu's right flag relies on the unique advantages of winter ice and snow resources to promote the deep integration of ice and snow tourism, ice and snow culture, ice and snow sports and other fields.The advantages of natural resources, actively integrate into the local characteristic ethnic culture, create winter tourism products, lead the masses to participate extensively, convert rich ice and snow and cold resources into the thermal industry, continue to release "thermal energy", and promote the integration of cultural and sports tourism.

Play the "four seasons" to make the industry prosper.In recent years, New Balhu's right flag is based on the characteristics of the location, exerts ecological advantages, taps humanistic heritage, and continues to polish the golden business card of "two lakes, one wetland, one sacred mountain, one port, one port".The development pattern of "global tour and full -season tour".New Balhu Youqi adheres to the theme of the "original" name, and launches "original ecological scenery", "Aboriginal life", "original folk customs and folk style" experience, immersive boutique tourism routes, and improve service quality in accordance with high -end, characteristic, branding requirements, Actively dock with Manzhouli and Dalian Travel Agency to promote the investment route into the market.Focusing on the public brand of "Hulunbuir Prairie" in the city, New Balhu Youqi Innovation launched tourism products such as deep tourism, high -end homestay vacation, special cultural tourism festival celebration activities, and cultivated family pastures to integrate tourism routes, promote leisure agriculture, animal husbandry industry and tourism.Industrial integration and development.By hosting various event activities and creating theme tourism products, we have injected rich cultural connotation into static natural resources, slowed down the footsteps of tourists, and comprehensively promoted the tourism industry to the global livable and well -known tourism and high -quality tourism.

Taking snow as a letter, New Balhu Youqi will use the advantages of ice and snow, release the ice and snow red profit, and use the ice movement as the carrier, combined with excellent traditional culture and local folklore activities to create winter tourism products.Support the launch of folk customs and non -heritage cultural and creative products such as leather carving and dairy products, and continuously extend the winter tourism industry chain of New Balhu and the right flag, so that ice and snow tourism continues to release economic vitality.

At the end of the year, the winter charm of the New Balu Tiger's right flag is beautiful, and the festival atmosphere is getting stronger.New Balhu Youqi will plan the live broadcast activities of winter cultural tourism products such as the non -heritage year., Pry the winter consumption.At the same time, the traditional media and new media are integrated, and widely publicized the winter cultural tourism resources of the New Balhu right flag. From the aspects of natural landscape, local specialty products, food and dance performances, non -heritage display, etc.For winter cultural tourism companies, such as specialty hotels and milk food workshops, they will make key marketing. They enthusiastically invite tourists to experience the charm of the New Balko right flag, brighten the regional business card, and stimulate the new vitality of the ice and snow economy.

The profound heritage and the integrated development of the cultural tourism industry are developing a magnificent future with a vigorous development trend.(Wang Yu)

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