[Help Yadong] Meng children in Xiangfang District, experience "speed and passion" on the ice rink of Daixiu Lake Park

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In response to the call of "300 million people participating in the ice and snow sports", in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Education Bureau on the activities of "Millions of Million Youths on Snow and Snow", on December 20, the Xiangfang District Education Bureau, Xiangfang District Garden Bureau, Xiangfang District Cultural and SportsThe launching ceremony of the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the "Millions of Ice and Snow" event "Promoting the Olympic spirit and enriching the spirit of ice and snow culture" 2023-2024 academic year in Xiangfang DistrictXiuhu Park was held.

More than 400 teachers and students in the primary and secondary schools of Xiangfang District, the sports leader, the sports team leader, and more than 400 teachers and students from 9 primary and secondary schools participated in the event to jointly experience the "speed and passion" brought by ice and snow.Zhang Lei, member of the Standing Committee of the Xiangfang District Committee and the executive deputy head of the executive deputy district, announced the start of the launching ceremony.

Han Xuelong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Education Bureau of Xiangfang District, said in his speech that over the years, the Education Bureau of Xiangfang District has actively promoted the "Millions of Youths on Snow and Snow" activities, and continued to play the leading role of ice and snow characteristic schools at all levels of national, provincial, and municipalities., Expand the advantages of the "Ice and Snow Championship Project", tap the influence of ice and snow teachers, improve the ice and snow sports courses, and comprehensively promote the popularization and development of primary and secondary schools in the region.In the future, it will continue to carry out a series of ice and snow sports and ice and snow activities to enable students to enjoy fun, enhance physical fitness, improve personality, refine their will, cultivate their national conditions, and promote the comprehensive development of students.

Wang Yanjun, the principal of the Gongbin Elementary School of Harbin City, issued an initiative to primary and secondary schools in the district, calling on the majority of primary and secondary school students to actively act, and participate in the "Millions of Million Adolescents on the ice and snow" activities with full enthusiasm.A new era of a comprehensive development of morality, intellectual and physical beauty.

Hu Junxi, a student representative of Harbin No. 11 Middle School, issued an initiative to the students in the district, and advocated that each student carefully went to the school's skating, skiing, ice hockey, curling and other ice and snow sports programs and sports education courses.And the best state, actively participate in the "Millions of Teenagers on the Ice and Snow" campaign.

After the activity was launched, at the 8,000 square meters of ice rinks in Daixiu Lake Park, Gongbin Elementary School students conducted a wonderful speed skating performance.Thirty -nine Middle School and Harbin 49 Middle School played a fierce ice hockey match.During the event, the students of Xudong Middle School and Xinghua Elementary School also opened a wonderful journey of ice and snow. Everyone launched a series of exciting activities such as iced, ice -playing sledkers, and snow circles at the venue.The ice sculpture works of Ha 46 Middle School have pretended to be the city space, showing the beauty of ice and snow, and conveying the beautiful expectations of "together to the future".

In the future, Xiangfang Education will take the ice and snow sports as a carrier, dig deep into the connotation of ice and snow cultural activities, use the comprehensive education function of ice and snow activities, so that more children can enter ice and snow, fall in love with ice and snow, enjoy ice and snow, and ignite passion in ice and snow sports.In physical exercise, let's fly dreams, strive to build the special brands of Xiangfang ice and snow sports, and give gifts to the Asian Winter Council in 2025 in order to achieve a strong education area.

Harbin Daily reporter Ji Tianweiwen/Photo/Video Production

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