[Observation] What are the things of sports lottery and ice and snow sports.

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Original title: [Observation] What are the things of sports lottery and ice and snow sports

It is 突发新闻another year of ice and snow.

For fitness enthusiasts who love ice and snow sports, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful season.Galloping above the snow and snow, enjoy the speed and passion brought by the ice and snow sports.For the lottery buyers, experience the ice and snow sports can also have another way to open -into the sports lottery shop, and find the charm of ice and snow sports on the ticket to the ticket.

In early December, Sports Lottery scrapeed a new newly launched "Ice and Snow, Hi Hi", which is the theme of the ice and snow sports. The charm of winter and the fun of sports lottery allows people to enjoy the fun of the body lottery while enjoying the ice and snow sports.Essence

In fact, through the top scraping tickets to popularize the knowledge of ice and snow sports, the fate of the sports lottery, that is, the fate of invoicing and ice and snow has begun since 2020.

In December 2020, the first ice and snow theme package "Love Winning and Love Ice and Snow" was launched in Hebei. There were three types of face value of 5 yuan, 10 yuan, and 20 yuan.1 million yuan.Among them, a 5 -yuan face value "love to win and love ice and snow", with a total of 15 scene tickets, based on the Chinese ice and snow sports promotion ambassador "Ice Wa Snowfa" as the main image of the ticket, showing 15 small events of the Winter Olympics event.

The 10 yuan face value "love to win and love ice and snow" has a total of 7 votes in 7 scenes. It is cleverly combined with the 7 large project sports images of the ice and snow sports with the heart -shaped pattern to interpret the theme of love to win and love ice and snow.There are three scenes of "love to win and love ice and snow" with a face value of 20 yuan. The laser paper printing process is used, and the artistic snowflakes are used as the main image of the ticket.

Since then, almost every winter, the sports lottery will issue ice and snow theme tickets.

In December 2021, the "2022" invoicing was launched at the top of the top, which fits the hotspot of the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, uses the elements of ice and snow sports, and the artistic image is 2022.Volkswagen shows an unparalleled "Ice and Snow Dream".

In January 2022, the top of the "refueling ice and snow for the power of Chinese power" was issued. There were 7 types of tickets on the ticket.Essence

In February 2023, Top scraping the "Love Ice and Snow Win together" is the invoicing. There are two types of tickets for the ticket. The color is mainly blue and white color matching, and the image of ice and snow athletes is mainly based on the image.One shows that the Bingjian wearing the Chinese red team's uniform holds a fist and shouts, and the other is to pay tribute to the single -board athletes soaring on the snow. Not only the athletes are fighting on the field, but there are countless "youParticipate in the beautiful picture of the ice and snow sports with me.

In recent years, with the increasing importance to the ice and snow season movement in various places, the results of "300 million people on ice and snow" have continued to consolidate and gradually expand, which is indispensable for the support and support of the sports lottery public welfare fund.

In the physical store, through the charm of invoicing and popularizing the ice and snow sports, the sports lottery continues to contribute to the development of my country's ice and snow sports in another way.

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