When pursuing a woman, a good temper, chasing the smell of the temper and smelly, the male broadcast article

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In this complicated constellation universe, each constellation is like a unique treasure box, hiding unknown secrets.When it comes to the mysterious field of love, the temper of the constellation man has become an indifferent mystery.Sometimes, when we are pursuing a woman, the constellation man shows his temper like a spring breeze. However, when he was finally chased by us, he might show his stinky temper that made people unclear.

On the surface, Aries boys who have a bad temper and smelly. They often show positive sunshine and passion when they are pursuing women, as if they have endless vitality.However, once they enter love relationships, they may become anxious and irritable.Behind this phenomenon, it is often because Aries boys are devoted in pursuing stage, but once they enter the stable period, they may feel restrained and need more freedom.At this time, they will show their unique temper, which is elusive.

Libra boys who are gentle and pursuing the gentleman when they are pursuing when they are pursuing the gentleman. They know how to show their feelings when they are pursuing women and express their feelings affectionately.But when they succeed in chasing their hands, they may show some unexpected smell.Libra boys often pursue balance in the relationship. Once they feel unfair or unbalanced, they will show some elusive emotions.Behind this temper is likely to have high expectations of the relationship. Once the ideal and reality have deviated, they will show some invisible emotional fluctuations.

Deep and restrained Scorpio boys, they often show mysterious attractiveness when they are pursuing women, and their deep eyes seem to understand everything.However, once successfully chasing, they may show an unprepared temper.Scorpio boys usually hide a rich emotional world, and they have a strong desire for love.When they feel that the other party may betray or unfaithful, their temper becomes extremely irritable and it is difficult to cope.Behind this temper is their extreme investment in feelings, but also because of their fear of losing.

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