Murder!Russia's "military parade" on TV, including US Step Wallet and German tanks

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TheExpress information website Russian military reported that the Bradley infantry chariot and Leopard 2A4 tank were abandoned by Russia after being abandoned by the vehicle group in Ukraine.This made it the first German Leopard 2A4 tank seized in the southeast of Ukraine.

According to the information provided by the Russian army, the tank belongs to the 33rd mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Earlier this year, Ukraine received nearly 40 leopard 2A4 tanks equipped with a 120mm slide gun from Norway, Denmark, Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, Poland, Poland, and Germany.

The video in early September also showed that in a secret place in Ukraine, nearly a dozen Leopard 2A4 equipped with an exposure-1 explosion reaction armor (ERA).Leopard 2A4 may be assigned to the 33rd mechanized brigade for newly formed by the Ukrainian army.

The Western armored forces basically failed to effectively drive Russia from the territory of the east and south. Instead, they were destroyed by the group after being caught in a lightning area and artillery attack.

On the day of the Ukraine counterattack, Ukrainian Leopard 2A6 and M2A2 Brade -Blades Bludes of Ukrainian Leopard 2A6 and M2A2 Blaide Blade

A large number of pictures and videos of the destroyed tanks and infantry tanks (IFV) continued to represent the huge failure of Ukraine's counterattack.

Ukrainian Leopard 2A4

The capture of Leopard 2A4 also occurred in the context of the Russians' Harbid Bradley in the United States.

Leopard 2A4 seized video

The Russian major telegram channel "SOLOVIEVLIVE" released the 71st Guardian Motorization Waller Corps and the 42nd Motorized Waller Corps in the background of an abandoned German Leopard 2A4 tank in the "Zapolo -Treaty".It can be seen from another video broadcast from Russia (RT) that the tank looks basically intact.

This is also a leopard 2A4 that strengthens defense

Interestingly, it pointed out "how the Soviet Union contact-1 reacting armor module was installed on the turret and side of the armored vehicle."

The Ukraine found their "Leopard" tanks in the counterattack in July this year, which seriously lacked defense against Russian anti-tank weapons, which may cause them to install the contact of the Soviet-produced-1 explosion reaction armor (ERA).

Ukraine is a leopard 2A4 tank plus contact-1 reaction armor

The contact -1 reaction armored module has a shape of 314x148 mm. It is installed around the turret and chassis exposure.

It is unclear how the "Leopard" is hit -whether it has crushed the mines, was hit by artillery, or was hit by a tank missile (ATGM).The main battle tank looks obviously intact, and the conclusion is that in the face of the violent offensive that Russia is difficult to overcome, the members of the car have given up.

Evacura's damaged tank from the battlefield

Another Russian telegram channel "MiLinfolive" stated that "(Hope) we can pull the leopard from the battlefield this time."Russian military bloggers said that evacuating damaged heavy armor from active battlefields is an extremely complicated, tedious and dangerous task.This can be clearly seen from the evacuation of Bradley, who was recently captured near Afdica.

A report on the first channel of Russia focused on reporting the captured M2A2-Wedli Bradeli war vehicles and its dangerous and almost deadly recovery operations. Russian soldiers won the award on the battlefield.

The Russian army organized a multi -military elite team to drag this Bradel infantry chariot back

"In Ukraine, they produced these coverage layers and translated all content into Ukraine. I have a 360 -degree vision in me, everything is English," the reporter said in the report.A soldier involved in the section of the Bradley tells how they use the advantages of poor visibility at night."Use the weather to drive directly in front of him and drive the car. It is located in the middle of our position and the enemy, 500 meters away from the enemy." The soldier said.

Rybar, the Russian Military Analysis Forum, said, "Transporting the armored vehicle to the rear is full of many difficulties." "From the heights of the coking plant, the enemy can clearly see the area, they discover any activities, fire from the tank, and launch it.Anti -tank missiles and FPV drones. A armored rescue car touched the thunder and driver was injured during the process of dragging the stuck in Bradley. "Rybar wrote on its Telegram channel.

But M2A2 broke down, "(and) this is not playing in trouble." "They dragged it about two hundred meters (M2A2 would be anchored);The soldiers who were interviewed in the report said.It is unclear whether the "impact" means that the impact engine part is forced to start (from the interview, the author believes that there is a Russian armored vehicle walking against this M2A2).

I have to say that Bradley is really deep enough

Nevertheless, "All participants who lasted two hours of evacuation operations were rewarded due to complex actions." The Russian Telegraph Channel identified this heroic award as the Russian courage.

All soldiers wearing medals in the report

Ukraine attempts to destroy Bradley IFV

The video also showed the ammunition belt of 7.62 mm coaxial artillery and the 25mm ammunition of the large poisonous snake M242 automatic artillery, and how to load or insert the ammunition belt into Ukraine instructions.

The host claims that the several pores seen on the car body of the Bradley car were made by Ukrainian soldiers, and the purpose was to damage the vehicle as much as possible before the Russians started.

However, it is surprisingly how the enemy platforms seized for reverse engineering and military secrets are displayed in front of the camera.Before the device is fully decoded, such experiments for competitors defense technology will last for several years.

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