[Picture] Red Flag LS7 sells for 1.3658 million. Welcome to test drive Test driving Detailed Inquiry: 4008662108

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    TheExpress information website design of the red flag LS7 is very cool and very sporty.With a personality headlight, it improves a certain level for it.The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights and headlights, automatic opening and closing, delay shutdown, etc.When you come to the side of the body, the body size of the car is 5695mm*2095mm*1985mm. The car uses beautiful lines and the body looks very sharp. With a large -sized thick wall tire, the shape is eye -catching.In terms of the rear design, the rear of the car looks very fashionable and simple, and the taillights look very domineering and stylish. Generally speaking, it is still more dignified.When you come to the car, the overall visual effect of the Red Flag LS7 interior is very distinctive and full of fighting atmosphere.The steering wheel is very in line with the interior style. It is equipped with electric up and down+front and back adjustment, steering wheel memory, steering wheel heating and other functions, full and delicate grip.Let's take a look at the central control. The car is equipped with a hard -core touch -type LCD central control screen, which makes the interior style impressive and looks delicate.Let ’s introduce the dashboard and seats. The instrument panel presents a rustic design style, which looks very edges and corners.The car uses leather seats, the seats are wrapped in place, and the overall comfort is acceptable.
Red Flag LS7 matching hand (AT) gearbox with a maximum power of 265kW and a maximum torque of 500N.M. The power performance is good.The Red Flag LS7 space performed well, and the head space of the legs is very comfortable, bringing a better ride feeling.In addition, the car is equipped with a brake anti -hug (ABS), LED daytime running lights, brake assistance (EBA/BAS, etc.), braking power allocation (EBD), traction control (ASR/TCS, etc.), main driving airbags, airbags, etc.Affiliated airbags, side air curtains, front -side side airbags, rear side airbags and other safety configurations.Recently, there is a red flag LS7 sales in this store. The color is available. Interested friends can consult first. For details, please refer to the table below:

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