In the first political opinion presentation, the blue and white clip attacked Qingde

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In the first 2024 Taiwan leader election

The高速资讯 television political opinion presentation meeting is held today

In 2024, the leaders of Taiwan's regional leaders entered the countdown. Candidate Ke Wenzhe, the party candidate of the people, Lai Qingde, a DPP candidate, and Hou Youyi, a Chinese Kuomintang candidate, participated in the first leader candidate television political opinion conference at 7 pm today (20th).The three rounds of political opinions issued a positive confrontation and drawn in advance. The order of speeches is Hou Youyi, Lai Qingde, and Ke Wenzhe.Politics will be broadcast live on television and the Internet at the same time.

Although there is no debate on the publication of the TV political opinion, the three candidates just expressed their claims in turn and were full of "gunpowder".As Hou Youyi said before, he spoke directly to the DPP directly to the DPP., Investigate related issues.And Lai Qingde not only bombarded the Kuomintang, but also questioned Ke Wenzhe, "How can you sign with the Kuomintang's" Six -point Agreement ", is it threatened behind it? Why do you regret it afterwards?" Ke Wenzhe said directly that 2024 was Taiwan's in Taiwan.The fate of fate is the most important thing is that Taiwan must become a leader in power organizations who are clean, diligent, diligent, love the people, and natives, rather than the leaders of power organizations who shout slogans every day, "big coins", and hate.

Throughout the three rounds, it can be seen that the Kuomintang intends to make efforts in the relatively weak age group.Young people have always been Ke Wenzhe's "ticket warehouse", and the blue and green battalions have taken this opportunity to increase their support.At the press conference, Hou Youyi proposed five major policy directions for the "pain points" of young people, including "youth settlement", "youth salary increase", "youth round dream", "youth tuition reducing pressure", "youth public participation", emphasizingGive young people in the future.

Hou Youyi, a candidate for leaders of the Chinese Kuomintang in Taiwan

Ke Wenzhe pointed out that the DPP was inadequate, and pointed out that the current Taiwan faces the "five lacks" -the lack of water, power shortage, labor, lack of land, lack of talents, and even lack of eggs, and high house prices that young people hate most., High rent, declining childization, aging, labor insurance is about to bankruptcy, and health insurance costs cannot be controlled.He called on supporters, especially young friends to propose the "55 Plan", speaking and calling with elders for five minutes and at least five days a day to strive for their more vulnerable elderly votes.

Ke Wenzhe's support rates over 39 years of age have been low. His "55 Plan" is the continuation of his "grandson warfare" election.Let young people affect the voting options of their ancestors at home.In this regard, You Zixiang, a professor at Taiwan Shixin University, further explained that Ke Wenzhe's "grandson warfare" is actually "descendants", which means: children, grandfather, grandma, mom and dad vote for you, and your oneTickets should also be voted for your child.Your child and your child's child will thank you for this vote.

Ke Wenzhe, leader candidate for the party membership in Taiwan

In addition, in the face of the continuous fermentation of the "Lai Pi Liao" incident, Lai Qingde did not respond positively at the beginning. Instead, he also attacked Ke Wenzhe through the "illegal construction".Called Ke Wenzhe's house illegal construction, houses, land, and Ke Du by young people have problems. Is this a new politics in Ke Wenzhe's mouth?In this regard, Ke Wenzhe also responded in his speech and directly stated on the issue of "Youth Living Justice". He pointed out that Lai Qingde proposed in the political opinion to "build a million household homes", but Cai Yingwen proposed that 200,000 households jumped and asked a hundred votes, asking hundreds of asking hundreds of hundreds of households, asking hundreds of questions about 100 households, asking 100 asks a hundred, and asking hundreds.Will 10,000 households jump more tickets on the basis of jumping?

Regarding the issue of illegal construction, Lai Dade did not respond positively until the third round. In addition to continuing to play the "sadness card", he also said that he was willing to deliver the house to the public welfare trust and preferentially served as the Miner's Life Memorial Hall.In this regard, Ling Tao, a spokesman for the Kuomintang 2024 election spokesperson, sarcastic Lai Qingde in social media and regarded the "out of print illegal house" as a "Lai Temple" to experience. He really thought he was a god.The cross -strait war and peace, proposing social housing claims, but ignoring the controversy of "Lai Pi Ling", but shifted the topic to Ke Wenzhe, a party candidate for the people.

Lai Qingde, leader of the DPP, Taiwan leader candidate

In response to the first round of political opinions, the professor of Taiwan Shixin University, You Zixiang, believes that Hou Youyi showed unexpectedly, and the DPP Lai Qingde was limited to too much.He further analyzed that Hou Youyi was the first publication in three rounds, but was the most similar candidate in this political opinion presentation.The manuscript framework can immediately respond to the doubts of Lai and Ke. It is precisely that everyone had not expected Hou to highly perform well, but it was unexpectedly good. The gap pulled out gave him a lot of points.

The 16th leader and deputy in Taiwan and the 11th Taiwan legislature election will be voted on January 13, 2024. The three groups of Taiwan regional leaders and deputy candidates are expected to pass the four public television political opinions.Field folk debate, six -degree face -to -face duel.

According to tradition, unlike the debate hosted by the media, the "TV Political Opinion Publishing Conference" focuses on the expression of candidates' participation in politics and political opinions.The publication time of the field TV political opinion presentation was carried out in three rounds and 10 minutes per round, and there is still room for offense and defense.

Baiying started fighting?

Xie Ligong said not to be a "white joke"

Taiwan ’s“ Beautiful Island Electronics News ”announced the 93rd wave of polls today (20). The results showed that the DPP“ Lai Xiao Bai ”was 35.2%, the Kuomintang“ Hou Kang Bai ”was 30.6%, and the people’ s party “Ke Ying Bi”It was 19.6%.Although affected by the controversy of "Lai Pi Liao", the support rate of Lai Qingde's polls continued to fall, but it still kept the first place, and the three groups were unchanged.As for "whether the leader should change the party next year", it is 15.5%that the "replacement of the people's party" is 33.4%and 30%of the DPP and the Kuomintang.In the latest polls announced by "ETTODAY poll cloud" today (20th), "Ke Ying Piao" supported 18.3%, ranking third.The gap between "Lai Xiao Bai" and "Hou Kang Bao" reduced to 0.8%, with 39.1%and 38.3%, respectively.According to comprehensive data, "Ke Ying Bai" not only continues to the bottom, but the gap between blue and green is getting bigger and bigger, and its "marginal" crisis is becoming more and more prominent.

Picture source: "Beautiful Island Electronics News"

Data from multiple groups of polls show that when the people's party is always "bottom", it seems that "internal fighting" has begun to appear inside Bai Ying.Xie Ligong, the former secretary -general of the people, held a press conference in the morning of this (20th) of Zhang Kaijun, the party's party membership, and will directly aim at Huang Shanshan, the director of the Ke Wenzhe campaign office.Xie Ligong said that Ke Wenzhe often talked about "KPI", which is actually the general term of "rational and pragmatic science".Since Ke Wenzhe's internal excuse poll of the people's party is second, if Ke Wenzhe's last number of votes did not reach the second place, or the number of people's seats did not reach more than 8 seats.Show responsibility.

Former Secretary -General Xie Ligong (left), and the people's party members Zhang Kaijun (right) held a press conference in the morning. Source: Taiwan "United Network"

Xie Ligong also said that Huang Shanshan confessed that he could choose 11 legislators in Taiwan. If she had such a determination, in the final stage of the election campaign, all resources should be integrated., Fully sprint the party's party votes, which is responsible and discipline. If you can't do this, how to ask the masses to support the people's party and remove the DPP.Zhang Kaijun said that Ke Wenzhe must be elected. If he was not elected smoothly, the Director -General should bear political responsibility. This is the corporate culture of the people's party and should be responsible for all party members and voters who are looking forward to the rotation of political parties.When the invoicing in the coming year, if Ke Wenzhe's election appeared, and Huang Shanshan, the general director of the campaign, "guaranteed the election" wonders, would make supporters chill and become the eternal "white joke" in Taiwan's politics.

On the 19th, Huang Shanshan, the director of the election of Ke Wenzhe, said that according to the latest polls announced by the People's Party, the DPP is currently 24.8%, the Kuomintang is 27.9%, and the people's party is 24.6%.The people's party will be expected to obtain 11 non -partition people's generations.

In response, Ke Office responded that at this time, "war criminals" should not be found, and the goal of the people's party is to win.At present, the election campaign has reached the critical moment. Xie Ligong is the former secretary -general. In order to motivate supporters to make good intentions and create a determination to break the boat.However, at this time, when the "knocking drums and looking for war" before election, the campaign team and the local party department should sprint all their best.

Huang Yangming, a Taiwanese -deep media person who has long studied polls for a long time, bluntly stated that in the recent monitoring polls of the "Beautiful Island Electronics News", Ke Wenzhe's support is below 20%. The backward DPP and the Kuomintang have a lot. ThereforeInternal polls are externalized, which proves that "Abei has not lost."As for the reliability of the internal ginseng polls, he bluntly said, just as Ke Wenzhe did not believe the polls of the "Beautiful Island Electronics News".

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