[Chasing snowflakes to see Xinjiang] Envy!The playground becomes an ice rink class to enter the snow field

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  Xinjiang is 重大新闻in the golden latitude belt of the ice and snow, which has the advantages of long snow -capacity, excellent snow quality, large snow channel gap, and comfortable temperature temperature temperature. Because of this unique advantage, children's physical education classes also have different methods.

  On the playground of Shuixingou Middle School in Urumqi County, Xinjiang, the fierce ice hockey combat competition in the fifth and sixth grades, full of speed and passion, and the strong area of ice sling & hellip; & hellip;On the standard ice rink, the children chased me, and the heat was in the sky. Although there were occasional "rollover", they were full of happiness.Song Haibo, a fifth grade, said that he likes the course of skating very much, and his parents are very supportive. 

  Shuixigou Middle School is a characteristic school of ice and snow sports in the national youth campus. It has a history of ice and snow sports for more than 20 years. The second grade of children started skating lessons.Dreams are germinated in one -time gliding.The fifth grade student Dinaera started learning speed skating since the second grade, and she fell in love with this sport at once. She hoped that she could enter the national team in the future. 

  Shen Guangming, Secretary of the Party Branch of Shuixigou Middle School, introduced that on the one hand, it is the exercise of students 'bodies, and on the other hand, it also cultivates students' strong will and awareness of unity and cooperation.There are no examples of physical education class like Shuixigou Middle School. Sometimes these characteristic ice and snow courses will move into the ski resort.165 students from Grade Eighth Grade Middle School in Urumqi County came to the Silk Road Ski Resort, each group of ten people, and took ski classes under the guidance of coach.Chen Tao, a sports and researcher at the Education and Research Office of Urumqi County Education Bureau, introduced that snow classes are generally 10 lessons, which are completed in two to half to 3 and a half days.Ice and snow entering the campus mainly starts from the popularity of all members and lay the foundation. From the basis of the popularity of the whole staff, we have selected materials. At present, a small primary high school is formed, including a curriculum mode architecture of the integration of vocational colleges and universities.

  According to reports, Xinjiang has set up 56 elementary schools and 7 colleges and universities in Xinjiang, and 46,000 students participated in students.93 schools in the district have been rated as "National Campus Ice and Snow Sports Featured School".

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