It's big enough to stimulate Hisense foldable laser TV 120L5K, it's really good

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I want to experience the oversized pictures above the 100 -inch level,High-speed information website laser TV is definitely the best choice.Here, I recommend a 120 -inch foldable laser TV 120L5K launched by Hisense.The 120 -inch large giant screen can afford the elegant atmosphere of the villa house, and it is more smooth and simple to all thousands of households.

The screens equipped with Hisense 120L5K can be folded, a large screen, no longer limited by the elevator space, the screen can be folded, and the household farewell to the door disassembling window, the giant screen is free.

Hisense foldable laser TV 120L5K

Hisense's folding laser TV 120L5K uses the principle of reflection imaging on the display. Only pure light sources, no harmful blue light damage, children watch the animation happily, parents say goodbye to vision anxiety.After being tested by the China Electronic Video Association, you can see a 120 -inch large screen at 4 meters to meet the needs of most family living room space to see the needs of 100 inch pictures.

Hisense Folding Laser TV 120L5K also obtained the IMAX Enhanced certification. The living room is directly to the giant screen theater. When watching IMAX movies, retain special frames and enjoy the original IMAX audiovisual feast.

In order to provide better pictures, Hisense Folding Laser TV 120L5K also added a digital laser engine to control the light of nano -grade primary color, and re -engraved the real and natural scene seen by the human eyes.In addition, the machine also has DMD microsecond -grade lighting, superimposed to Hisense's self -developed AI clarity enhancement algorithm, intelligent optimization of each picture detail, the screen is delicate and transparent, and the details are sloppy.

Hisense Folding Laser TV 120L5K is also equipped with AI brightness enhancement algorithm. The screen is high, which brings the level of light and shadow commitment that is comparable to the eyes of the human eye, and easily achieves the comfort of the eye.

Hisense Folding Laser TV 120L5K also has an 8 -layer optical structure independent optical indicator. One -to -one precision control has greatly reduced the detail errors, showing realistic details with higher contrast.

In terms of audio effects, Hisense Folding Laser TV 120L5K is equipped with the Harmancato audio system, 2.1.2 channels 5 speakers and 3 roads, 360 ° surrounding stereo sound fields.Come.There are also two left and right independent speakers blessings. The treble is crisp and thick in bass. Whether it is listening to music or watching a large blockbuster, it can bring an immersive hearing feast on the scene.In addition, it also has a 12L large sound cavity, as if in the center of the story in one second.

Hisense Folding Laser TV 120L5K also has a 4K MAX video library platform. It aggregates popular Internet film and television content with high code rates. The blockbuster is updated in real time.And there are 1T+NAS hard disk super large memory and disease speed wifi6. Giant blockbusters are stored and viewed at will. Support third -party devices such as mobile phones and computers, easily realize cross -screen interaction, and enjoy good content.

Hisense's folding laser TV 120L5K Due to the use of laser light sources, with a lean optical architecture, it greatly improves the energy consumption of optical efficiency is only one -half of the same size LCD TV. The same energy consumption and enjoy double -viewing green viewing.

Hisense Folding Laser TV 120L5K also has a large amount of applications. Open the TV, open the life you want, massive applications meet the needs of multiple scenes, chasing dramas, listening to music, AI fitness, cloud games and other ways to enjoy it.Essence

Hisense Folding Laser TV 120L5K design is also very fashionable. The host extracts design inspiration from a sports car. The cold -colored color with a strong metal texture with local brown gold color is not eye -catching into the home atmosphere, and it is more eye -catching.

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