"Hua Cai Winter Dream Meets Kuancheng" Changchun City Kuancheng District Ice and Snow Festival opening

 人参与 | 时间:2024-02-24 17:14:48

  Hold various ice and snow cultural activities,高速资讯 carry out various ice and snow fun activities, create ice and snow tourism festivals ... Recently, in order to enrich the cultural and leisure life of citizens and tourists in winter, "Hua Cai Winter Dream Meets Kuancheng" Kuancheng District (2023-2024) The ice and snow festival pulls the ice and snow festival pull.Starting.

  Along with interactive programs such as "Ji Lion Xianrui", Kuancheng District (2023-2024) was officially launched.From November 30th, 2023 to February 29, 2024, Kuancheng District combined with the actual situation and closely focused on the theme of "Hua Cai Winter Dream Meet Kuancheng", and fully do the 2023-2024 new snowy season ice and snow tourism, ice and snow culture, Ice and Snow Sports, Ice and Snow Consumption, including more than 40 various types of ice and snow activities, build a wide -city characteristic ice and snow business industry system, enhance the potential of ice and snow consumption, widely publicize the concept of "cold resources and hot economy", and promote the economic development of Kuancheng District.

  In terms of ice and snow tourism, the theme activities such as "Kuancheng District Strawberry Picking Festival", "Occupy Forest Peach Blossom Festival", "Kuancheng · Middle East Hammer Market" and "Kuancheng Wanda Light Lighting Ceremony" and other ice and snow festivals.Promote the integration of cultural tourism through diversified activities to meet the needs of different groups; in terms of ice and snow culture, it will use the Cultural Museum of Kuancheng District and Kuancheng District Library to carry out online and offline mass cultural activities, such as the Spring Festival movie in Kuancheng District.Showing "," Wenmai Kuancheng "non -heritage work exhibition," China Dragon He New Year "Changchun Cultural Museum" Manchu Folk Paper -cutting "non -heritage cultural experience activities, Kuancheng District 2024" Lantern Festival New Yangge Contest "," Spring Festival Spring Festival "Huimin Send the Spring Festival Activities and Lantern Festival Lantern Riddles with award quiz activities, showing the historical and cultural heritage of Kuancheng and the style of Xinwangcheng; in terms of ice and snow sports, it will carry out ice hockey, snow hiking, ice sledges, ice car, ice hockey, etc.Style and folk fun activities attract more people to participate in ice and snow activities.(Reporter Sun Jiao Yang Gao Jianguo)

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