Articles of the Nine -time Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the North Korean Workers' Party

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  Xinhua News Agency,Popular event sites December 31. According to the report of the North Korean Society on December 31, the ninth plenary session of the Eighth Central Committee of the North Korean Workers' Party closed on the 30th.

  According to the North Korean Society, Kim Jong -un said in the report that the GDP of North Korea increased 1.4 times compared with 2020 in 2023, and exceeded the grain production goals.The report actively evaluated the results of the national economic departments, the construction of the people's residential, and the science and technology.

  Regarding the work in 2024, the report focuses on the implementation of the strategy of defense development in the military industry, and put forward key goals for the development of the missile development and production departments. It is required to launch 3 reconnaissance satellites based on the new year's successful experience in the new year.The report also requires the development of naval combat effectiveness through shipbuilding and the development and production of various unmanned weapons and equipment and electronic warfare means.

  Regarding the situation of the Korean Peninsula, the report pointed out that the anti -dynasties that follow the United States and its influence have reached "unprecedented", which is making the situation on the peninsula that is more difficult to predict.The report requires North Korea to accelerate the capacity of overwhelming war and make all military preparations.

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