"Jing" Cainan mid -axis, "Feng" Yaoyao's sunset 2023 The Socialization Management Retires Propaganda Education Series Summary Conference and Literature and Art Exhibition in Fengtai District were succ

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On December 20th,一线资讯 the "Jing" colorful south axis, "Feng" Yaoyao's sunset & mdash; & mdash; in 2023, the Socialization of Social Management Retires Propaganda Education Series Summary Conference and Literature and Art Show were grandly held at the National Local Opera Performance Center.The event summarized the promotion and education activities of the socialized management retirees of the Fengtai District in 2023, and showed the silver style with a wonderful literary performance.

The summary conference conducted a full inventory of the publicity and education activities of socialized management retirees in Fengtai District in 2023 through publicity videos, online and offline interaction.Hou Yuguo, deputy director of the Beijing Employment Promotion Center, and his party came to the event site. Director Hou expressed his high recognition of the socialized work of Fengtai District in his speech.At the stage of socialization work in Fengtai District.More than 800 viewers from 26 streets and towns in Fengtai District participated in the event.

By carrying out a series of activities of the year, promote the spirit of the great party to build the party between the majority of old comrades, tell the party's historical experience stories, inherit traditional culture, and show the healthy and upward spirit of the socialized retirees of the capital of the capital in the new era, and bring together the "Jingyi" power.Show "Jingyi" style.Six outstanding retirees and ten outstanding units won the most beautiful dedication award and excellent organization award for the Most Beautiful Dedication and Outstanding Organization Award of 2023 Social Management Retires Propaganda Education Series in 2023.

The exhibition kicked off in the song and dancing "I Love You China", presenting a wonderful performance to the audience through chorus, cross talk, dance, preaching and other forms.The shows are all presented by the social management retirees of Fengtai District. The bright singing and beautiful dance posture reflect the good literary literacy of elderly friends and the vigorous spirit of the elderly.

In the future, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Fengtai District will further integrate resources, bring together the strengths of all parties, and continuously enhance the ductility of social services with a more sound and efficient service system, more colorful activities, and continuously enhance the extensibility of social services.The actual needs of spiritual and cultural life increase the sense of belonging, gain and happiness of social management retirees.

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