"Millions of Teenagers on Ice and Snow" activity launched

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Hit sling.

Practice skiing.

The一刻资讯 newspaper (Reporter Li Aimin) The ice hockey teenager staged a racing on the ice. The curling teenager felt the charm of "chess on the ice" in the collision. Ski boy greeted the wind in the snow ... Recently, Harbin Zhaolin Elementary SchoolThe campus is particularly lively, and the students enjoy the joy of ice and snow in the ice and snow. The "Million Youth Ice Snow" activities of the Harbin City in the 2023 ~ 2024 academic year and the campus winter sports meeting of the campus are launched.

The theme of this event is based on the theme of "Promoting the Winter Olympics and Rich Frozen Culture". It is co -sponsored by the Harbin Education Bureau and the Harbin Sports Bureau. It is organized by the Education Bureau of Daoli District.Essence

Over the years, Harbin City has continued to host a series of "Millions of Teenagers on Ice and Snow" activities, launched a wealth of ice and snow sports courses, and organized campus ice and snow sports and ice and snow cultural activities to allow children to experience the happiness of ice and snow sports and experience the charm of ice and snow culture.In the Yingya Winter Festival, the Harbin Education Bureau will continue to focus on "churches, diligence, and regular race", enrich the connotation of ice and snow sports, let the children of ice city play ice and snow, love ice and snow, ice and snow, and create Harbin primary and secondary school students who love the motherland, love their hometown,The good atmosphere of ice and snow, love sports, and improve students' physical health and artistic literacy.

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