Original secrets, Zhao Benshan no longer appeared on the TV stage, but the mystery of the local stage, just because of a woman!

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Original title: Reveal the secret of Zhao Benshan no longer on the TV stage,惊爆资讯 but the mystery of the local stage, just because of a woman!

If the sketch king on the Chinese stage, Zhao Benshan's name should definitely be on the list.Zhao Benshan is a great figure.He has been on the stage for more than 20 consecutive years, but in recent years, Zhao Benshan has not appeared on TV.Although Zhao Benshan also said that he did not receive an invitation to the TV stage this year, many netizens still did not give up, and still hoped that Zhao Benshan could board the stage!

Zhao Benshan appeared on the big stage for the first time in 1990, and has been calm on the stage for more than 20 years.The most striking sketches and cross talk every year will appear on the stage in a timely manner.After all, greet 2022 with a smile is much better than watching any singing.Since the reputation of Benshan and Uncle in the first stage of the war, he has become a direct "contact" at the party.He appears on the stage almost every year.

However, in 2013, the news that he would withdraw from the stage and no longer perform new works.The audience was shocked.According to Zhao Benshan and uncle, he left the stage because he was too old and could not keep up.However, according to netizens, this is just a superficial speech.The real reason is related to Havin.

Harvin is an extremely strong woman.In 2012, 2013, and 2015, he served as the CEO of the TV stage.Her husband is a former TV celebrity name Li Yong.In 2012, as soon as he took office, he launched the slogan of reform, which opened the stage and broke the stage.On the other hand, Harvin broke most of the plans on the stage, including the planned plan.

Before leaving the stage in 2013, Zhao Benshan carefully prepared a set.At that time, Zhao Benshan's show was rehearsing and was allowed to come to power after being criticized.However, Harvin didn't like it at all, so he asked him to modify it again.At that time, you didn't need to rely on the stage to enhance your reputation.Benshan and Trump just came to put a face, and worked a lot in their own works.So I disagree with the requirements of the other party's modification and want to keep the integrity of my work.

The two expressed their opinions without permission.At the same time, contradictions are becoming more and more serious.Some netizens revealed that the two also had a quarrel.In 2013, the two burned in the anger in the backstage, and Harvin shouted, "Don't come to power if you have a chance!" He said angrily: He was on the stage without me.He was very domineering, and Zhao Benshan never appeared on the stage since then.But the following year, Zhao Benshan appeared on the stage of other satellite TV stations, and continued to bring joy to the audience!

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