Korean National Banquet: Drinking water originated from 180 meters underground, and there are more than 30 broadcast articles in light sauce

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And international students will have a sigh of "more patriotism after going abroad",Popular news sites and the colorful Chinese food is definitely the key reason.

Because of this, Chinese people always have a strong interest in food -related content.This can not only satisfy the desire of the appetite, but also help us understand the customs of a country or region, because the core of some national culture is often hidden in Zhenxuan cuisine.

Whether it is a folk food full of fireworks or the exquisite national banquet dishes, it exudes the cultural details of a country.

In particular, the latter represents the official definition of the official culture.For example, if you want to understand the cultural development of North Korea, look at its national banquet dishes and you can know a little.

state banquet

For the word national banquet, every Chinese child must be no stranger, because China is the earliest place in the world to admire it.

The national banquet was born in the late stage of the three emperors and five emperors. In thousands of years of development, it derived a variety of dishes and complicated and strict etiquette, which became the only way to show the gas of the great country of China.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the people's government has made multiple amendments to the content and standards of the national banquet, and eventually set the benchmark for "not speaking".Since then, the configuration of Si Cai and One Decoction has never changed.

Although such rigorous restrictions are set, China's national banquet is still well received.

Because it is based on the profound Huaxia cuisine, after the puppets and the long -standing heads, a few light dishes that seem limited can still capture everyone's taste buds.

state banquet

In order to take care of the dietary preferences of most people, the overall tone of the national banquet has always been based on the purpose of "with taste as the core and supporting the purpose".

The Huaiyang cuisine can stand out from the eight cuisines because it is most in line with this requirement.

Because of this, the national banquet provides food and cuisine while it also meets the standards of modern healthy diet, the so -called "three lows and one high" -the low sugar, low salt, low fat and high protein.

Generally speaking, there are two main places for the national banquet, namely the Great Hall of the People and the Diaoyutai State Guest House.When the number of banquets is large, they will be placed in the Great Hall of the People, vice versa.

The dishes and styles used in two different places will also be slightly different. The Great Hall of the People provides the so -called church dishes. It pays attention to "light and tender, beautiful and beautiful", which is in line with most people's diet aesthetics; DiaoyutaiThe National Hotel provides the so -called Taiwanese dishes, which pays attention to "freshness, elegant, mellow and timeless", which is more delicate and more personality.

state banquet

In addition to food, Chinese people are also unbearable for wine, and there are many other choices for national feasts to remove the familiar Moutai.For example, in the early years, the highly respected Fenjiu, and Great Wall wines that have been recognized in recent years, and so on.

In addition to China, there are many places to be treasured to the national banquet.

For example, many people are ridiculed to the British "Food Desert", and its national banquet is also well received.Especially the grilled beef and Yorkshire pudding here are small in the world.

As a strong European country, the German national banquet has very local characteristics. Many people mention the food here, first of all, sausage ham and beer.And these are exactly the signature of the banquet of its country.

state banquet

Different from the exquisite simplicity of Britain and Germany, the national banquet in France shows the style of its big culinary power. Age dishes, main dishes, vegetable salads, cheese and desserts are a lot of one.

Among them, snails, Parisian butpu fried potato shreds, and beef breasts with olive sauce are all classic dishes.

In addition to these European -strong countries, Chinese people are also very interested in the national banquets of neighbors. Thanks to the popularity of Korean and Japanese dramas, everyone in these two countries has heard of food.It seems that most of them are known to North Korea.

What are the dishes in its national banquet?Is there anything different?

state banquet

To many people, North Korea is a mysterious country. Although there are various legends on the Internet, they still do not see it.

Although it has a lot of relationships with China, it is still quite different from the folk level.

However, in the past two years, some of its cultural products have been on the Chinese Internet, and many people have become interested in all aspects of North Korea, including the national banquet.

North Korea's holding national banquet is mainly for three reasons: national banquets are to celebrate major festivals, such as "National Day";

The second is to receive important guests from visiting visit, such as leaders and diplomats in other countries; in the end, North Korea has always retained a tradition of commendation to a prominent contributor to society. After the commendation is over, the national banquet must be held.

North Korea

As for the location of the banquet, it is also very particular. This is similar to that of my country. It will be divided into two different types of dining locations according to the different scale.

As mentioned earlier, the national banquets in China are divided into "church dishes" and "Taiwanese cuisine", corresponding to different banquet scale and number of participants, and they have their own choices.

The same is true of the national banquet in North Korea. When it holds a national banquet, it is generally in the Pyongyang People's Palace.The latter is one of the most prestigious buildings in North Korea. It has a gorgeous and ingenious style, which can attract many tourists and photography enthusiasts every year.

The national banquet held in Pyongyang people's palace is often atmospheric, and the choice of dishes is more traditional and formal, which is in line with the diet aesthetics of most people.

Pyongyang People's Palace

In addition to the Pyongyang People's Palace, North Korea also has four other places to hold national banquets, namely the Qingliu Pavilion, Kinggang Mountain Hotel, Korean Hotel, and People's Culture Museum.

The scale of banquets held in these places is often relatively small, and the choice of dishes will be more free and targeted.

In addition to the place of the national banquet, I believe that most people are more interested in the dishes of the Korean National Banquet.Although it is a coastal country with rich seafood, there are few seafood at North Korea's national banquets. Its hard dishes are mainly pork and beef.

The national banquet in North Korea has been recognized by leaders of many countries over the years. Among them, the most prestigious is the dishes such as crab meat stir -fried beef, wild sesame roasted beef.Not only are they exquisite shapes, they also have a full color and fragrance, and they have a very good taste.

However, these exquisite dishes do not reflect the characteristics of North Korea's national cuisine. It is still elsewhere.

North Korean National Banquet

Those who watch more Korean dramas must know that the diet system in this country is full of various sauces.

And North Korea and South Korea are the same nation, and they are naturally exactly the same in food culture and cooking habits.

Compared with a large culinary country such as China and France, the dishes provided by the Korean National Banquet are exquisite but insufficient. It seems to be pretty appetite, but it is often gone.

Fortunately, the Korean National Banquet provides different types of sauce, which fully make up for the problem of insufficient dishes.There are all kinds of chili sauce, big sauce, red pepper powder, and beef bone soup powder. It is reported that there are as many as 30 kinds of sauces provided by the Korean national banquet, which can meet the needs of different taste preferences.

North Korean National Banquet

Like its neighbors South Korea, the Korean people are also fond of barbecue. This is also reflected at its national banquet that fat beef and pork are their favorite.

These meat foods with sauce have a flavor, and they have gained the love of many dignitaries.

In order to match the sauce, North Korea's staple food is often the first to appear. Those exquisite dishes are still on the way, and rice and steamed buns have been placed on the table.

Many Chinese people have the deepest impression of Korean food is the cold noodles here, and it is also a well -deserved protagonist at North Korea's national banquet.Here, the cold noodles are generally brought up with hot dishes.It has a very high frequency and can be seen in almost every national banquet.

cold noodle

It can be seen that the preferences of the taste of the North Korean national banquet are very different from China, which is mainly light, while the former likes to eat heavy oil, salt, polyatrodia and multi -carbon water.Such dishes are really cool, but it looks less "healthy".

It can be seen from the choice of food and the setting of the dishes. The national banquets of the Korean people are mainly eating food and do not like to talk.

Because in most cases, they are eating fat or taste dipped in the fat of the sauce, and they are not free to talk.

Therefore, North Korea's diet etiquette is very different from us. When the Chinese feast often tastes delicate, beautifully delicious dishes while chatting, we chat and talk about it.Because of this, the Chinese people's banquets are often inseparable from wine, and North Koreans are not.

Some people on the Internet said that there were only clear mineral water at North Korea's national banquets, and no wine was provided. Everyone was eating silently.Is this really the case?


This statement is not completely correct. Although the North Korean people do not love drinking so much, their national banquets will not provide wine at all.

After all, there are always a few of the Korean people who love to drink.And sometimes, the needs of foreign guests need to be considered.

It is reported that there are currently two kinds of wines provided at the Korean National Banquet: one is beer produced in Datongjiang, with a total of seven flavors. The taste is pure and refreshing, and a trace of sweetness in the clearness.It is produced in North Korea's local crafts and uses rice and corn as raw materials.

At the national banquet in North Korea, even people who love wine often drink and drink, and there will be no toasting at all.This has reduced a lot of exchanges in this way, so that everyone can focus on the food in front of them.


Since the wine is just a few sips, the most important drink at the Korean National Banquet is the sweet mineral water.

However, do not underestimate it. According to media reports, all mineral water that can enter the Pyongyang People's Palace is 180 meters underground. Not only is it good, it is also rich in trace elements, which is good for the body.

It can be seen that although North Korea has been profoundly affected by Huaxia civilization in history, it has developed its own characteristics in food culture.

state banquet

There are many different things about the Korean National Banquet. Each dish and each etiquette reflect the national culture and social customs behind them.

Different culture and etiquette are intertwined with the forms of national banquets and unique national banquets, and they enrich this colorful world.

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