[Weekly] Dad's Weekly Constellation (1.1-1.7) Broadcast article

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(Reference to rise and solar constellation)


At the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty,实时资讯 the water reversal of the migration palace meant meant in education, examinations, training, travel, travel, foreign affairs, such as visas, passports, immigrants, studying abroad, and law and publishing affairs to see the progress again.The related processes, documents, and plans are finalized.However, in the migration palace and Saturn's sentence, Venus said that there will still be some worry, hidden worries, or fear of something possible in the future. These things are mostly related to the areas mentioned above.In terms of emotions, if it is a different place and a long -distance relationship, some crises may be experienced, but it will not last long.In the middle of the week, Mars entered the career palace, enhanced his ambitions, and mobilized himself to consolidate the recent workplace goals.Perhaps it may be a little insecure. It comes from worrying that a job may not be smooth or successful, or worry about the competition in the interpersonal relationship in the workplace to bring adverse factors to themselves.But the good aspect is to let you lower your posture and also help to correct your mentality.The work began to become busy, and it was the most motivated period.


At the beginning of the week, Mercury's retrograde in the palace of shared resources means that the financial aspects of funding, loans, debts, insurance, taxes, budgets or provident funds, scholarships, etc.Loss, hope of re -profit.And it also means that a certain psychological problem has the opportunity to be resolved, that is, the psychological psychology that has not been solved in the past 2-3 weeks, and complains.However, at the same time, the prisoner in this palace and Saturn's punishment may encounter problems in human -machine relations, or financially related to finance. If due to the restrictions of external factors, we cannot successfully obtain resources and help from others, and alsoOr you need the needs of others to support others for the time being to meet the expectations.But this will not last too long.In the middle of the week, Mars entered the migration palace, which meant to increase the action on academic, examination, study, travel passport processing, immigration study abroad, law, and publishing and distribution.It may also make a reading and learning plan for yourself, and to do it with your body, it also increases the opportunity to go out.What you need to overcome is not confident in your heart. Before, you buried this unconfident in your heart and buried too deep. Now don't try to hide it. You can speak out or defeat it with action.


At the beginning of the week, Mercury was retrograde at the end of the relationship between the relationship. You can see the progress and decision of cooperation affairs, business negotiations, and signing orders. The opinions of a party may shift or get new feedback, and the other party gives a reply.At the same time, if emotionally, if there is a plot of old love in the past three weeks and not doing the final considerations, this week will also have clearer ideas and clear minds.However, there is still a prisoner of Venus and Saturn in the relationship between the relationship between the relationship. It is limited by the external environment or some rules.Different demand directions require the two parties to overcome and strengthen their promises.In the middle of the week, Mars entered the palace of shared resources to activate financial affairs such as bills, loans, mortgage, investment, wealth management, insurance, insurance, taxes, provident funds or scholarships, budget applications, etc., and need to take time to start action.In addition, this palace is also in charge of emotions, feelings, and inner conditions, so Mars coming in will also make people more sensitive and more likely to be beaten emotions by some subtle things, causing anger or passion.Don't be afraid to face people and things you do n’t want to face, and your emotions, although you need great courage to face these sensitive issues.


At the beginning of the week, the end of water against the workplace and health palace may help you deal with problems and health problems.Such as the business items involved communication, collaboration, copywriting, process processing, planning formulation, transaction signing, travel, etc., or seeing a good turnaround, or the attitude of the person related to the work related to the previous project or the previous project or the previous project or the previous project or the previous project or the previous project or the previous project or the previous project orThere are new steering.In terms of health, it is conducive to health and recovery.The Venus in this palace will also have a punishment with Saturn, which means that in the early days of Zhou Dynasty, it is necessary to do more independence at work in the early days. It is also difficult to get the strong support of others and emphasize discipline.In the middle of the week, Mars entered the relationship between the relationship. On the one hand, it was said that in terms of cooperation affairs, it was possible to encounter a strong object. The other party took the initiative to ask you to respond and feedback. On the other hand, it also expressed its promotion in the cooperation business.Because we must see relevant progress this week.There may be power imbalance in power, or the struggle or competition in the responsibility.


At the beginning of the week, Mercury ended the retrograde in the self -expression palace. It marked in the output of creative types of work, leisure and entertainment projects, short -term investment, and love, children related things related to children, and seeing opportunities to turn.For example, the previous 2-3 weeks of the work output stuck, delay, such as dragging, postponing launch, changes to the plan, etc., then it is now the time to recover the progress.And new message feedback involving party, vacation, air ticket hotel reservation, etc.If there is a difference in love in love, the decision to be unlocked, or the decision involving pregnancy and children's affairs.At the same time, Venus is also in this palace with Saturn. Don't be afraid to be rejected and restricted to question his ability and degrade confidence.The key is to accept the silent reality first, and at the same time define the sense of self -worth through action and efforts.During the Zhou Dynasty, Mars entered the workplace and healthy palace. The workload may increase, become busy, and do it, but at the same time, it is more motivated and more fighting. It promotes you to complete the task of your hand.There are some risks in health, mainly due to individual bad living habits, or it is easy to cause inflammation and fever.


At the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty, Shui Ni ends in the house palace, indicating that the discussion between family affairs and family affairs had new results, or about moving, relocation, registered address, house rental, sales, etc. in the past 2-3 weeks,For new turns, some people's opinions may also have new adjustments.But at the same time, the Venus and Saturn in the house palace indicate that there may still be some unified ideas between family members, or you have to bear some family affairs in the early days of the week to make you feel that you are responsible for family responsibilities.In the middle of the week, Mars entered the house of shared resources, which inspired enthusiasm to pursue what I really wanted.It increases a person's desire to compete and adventure.Don't weaken your confidence in your face because of the facts you don't want to admit. If this is the case, I can’t do it better. Mars advocates that you use enthusiasm and creativity to pursue happiness.Reach the initial expectation.When Mars comes to this position, it will also bring peach blossoms to single virgin.Or the topic of the accompanying Virgo about children and pregnancy.


At the beginning of the week, Shui Ni ends in the third house, and the position of communication, study, and traveling means that you may get a message feedback, answer, decision or clarification of a certain information that you have been waiting for, Teaching, copywriting work, publicity, promotion, trading, logistics, signing, travel, talks, etc.At the same time, Venus is also in this palace with Saturn's punishment. It is mixed with some negative factors in the above things. For example, some restrictions are subject to some restrictions, and they get answers that do not match expectations.In the middle of the week, Mars entered the home palace, which means that the cleaning, renovation, decoration, and reconstruction of the living environment may also be traveling and returning to the hometown.Mars will also make you care about your family and real estate in the next few weeks, and your parents need to deal with your parents.The aspect of the sun and Kailongxing's punishment can easily bring some self -blame or anxiety. It is about family, family, and real estate. Do not hide this pain, tell your family and share it with your family.


At the beginning of the week, Mercury in the Money Palace ended retrograde, which means that in salary, bonuses, loans, mortgage, insurance, taxes, budgets, provident funds, scholarships, investment, wealth management, part -time income, etc.It is a clear plan for information related to revenue and expenditure and savings.However, at the same time, Venus emphasized that in this palace and Saturn's prisoner emphasizing that they need to set up some restrictions on adjusting and operating property affairs to reduce adventure behavior, or although the money transactions are progressing, there are also progress and expected hope progress.Conquesting.In the middle of the week, Mars entered the palace of communication, learning, and traveling, activating social relations, and some time seemed to be busy in meeting, telephone, talks, running and copywriting.There may also be situations that need to be persuaded by communication.Mars is easily active, active and offensive in this palace in this palace. You can remind yourself to listen a little more while expressing it and less excitement.Reduce the possibility of verbal conflict.


At the beginning of the week, Mercury ended the retrograde in Sagittarius. If you feel confused, lack of energy, or speechless in the past 2-3 weeks, there is a tangled opposite to something, Mercury is in your constellation smoothlySurprising you back to the right track.Copywriting work, study -related, travel travel, or a piece of information, results, and answers that you have been waiting for before can be obtained after a period of delay.But at the same time, the Saturn in the Sagittarius and the Saturn of the House Palace still reminded you to bear the sense of responsibility from your family and family at the beginning of the week.In the middle of the week, Mars entered the Money Palace is a node time that spent money, which may allow you to spend.But at the same time, Mars also aroused Sagittarius's desire to make money in the Money Palace.At the same time, you may also see individual financial problems exposed in the middle of the week and afterwards, which can also cause financial insecurity, but it will also stimulate you to chase more income with action.


At the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty, the water against the hidden palace of Capricorn, promoting the progress of private affairs, or a new answer with an unsolved question before, a secret was unlocked, it would also reduce the entanglement, the thinking changed, and the change of thinking changes.It is clearer.At the same time, Venus also punish Saturn in this position, reminding himself which are realistic, which are their own expectations or fantasies, and this astrology seems to be a test of the two.In the middle of the week, Mars entered Capricorn to stimulate personal courage, confidence, initiative and action.It is conducive to improving your action efficiency, whether in work, study, interpersonal relationships or daily affairs.The four -point phase of the sun in Capricorn and Kailong in the house palace indicates that something related to family, family, and real estate makes you worry. You are afraid that there is no more ideal solution. Of course, the best way is not to take this.Specific anxiety is hidden in my heart, but spoke to share with the family.


At the beginning of the week, Mercury ended the retrograde in the interpersonal palace. You can see the new progress of team affairs, social interpersonal and community circles.Get new news feedback in teamwork and business exchanges, and some people's opinions may shift.You may also see clearly, which are real friends and which are your "enemies".But at the same time, Venus and Saturn in the Interpersonal Palace are punished. Do not send the help of the work of this week to the help of others and try to complete it with their own abilities.You will find who really stands on your side.In the middle of the week, Mars enters the hidden palace, reminding you to rest for energy to charge more, reduce useless social or complicated interpersonal relationships, and give yourself a little more time.Don't hide anxiety and trouble in your heart, talk to people who trust, or dispatch bad emotions and consume bad emotions through exercise.


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