Chinese Women's Music Asian Games won the Paris Olympic qualification broadcast article

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On the evening of October 7,高速资讯 the Hangzhou Asian Games Women's Hocket Finals was held at the Gongshu Canal Sports Park Stadium. The Chinese team won the championship with a 2: 0 Like South Korea and won the qualifications of the Paris Olympic Games.

In the Asian Games, the two China and South Korea have played many times.In 1990, the Chinese team participated in the women's hockey competition for the first time, lost to the South Korean team in the finals, and ranked runner -up; in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, the Chinese team lost to the South Korean team again in the finals; the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, the Chinese team defeated the South Korean teamGet the bronze medal.

Prior to this Asian Games, the coach of the Chinese women's hockey team Elison Annan expressed a strong willingness to win the championship and hoped to get the admission voucher at the Paris Olympic Games.It is worth mentioning that in this Chinese female song, the "Sichuan Army" almost occupied almost half of the lineup.Huang Yongsheng, the Chinese head coach of the team, is also the head coach of Sichuan women's songs. Ye Jiao, Ou Zixia, Dan Wen, Yang Guorong, Zou Meirong, He Jiangxin, Huang Haiyan, and Chen Yi from Sichuan women's songs were selected as 18 people.

In this game, the Chinese team and the South Korean team were very fierce as soon as the start of the game, and the rhythm of offense and defense conversion was fast.In less than 5 minutes, Chen Yi from the Sichuan women's songs broke through at the bottom line. First, the city will be used to help the Chinese team get a dream start.In the second quarter, the Chinese team's tough defense and active substitution adjustment continued to play a role. Although the South Korean team strengthened the defense of the sideline, it was difficult for them to find a good opportunity to break the door.None of the scores continued to rewrite the scores.

In the second half, the South Korean team chose the long pass of adventure as a breakthrough.As the post -defense general of the Chinese team, Ou Zixia has resolved multiple resolution of danger with rich experience and positive interception.In addition, Chen Yi and Huang Haiyan also made threats many times in front of the other door, but unfortunately lacking the luck of the door.In the last quarter, the Chinese team used the Korean team's anxiety to attack and frequently used the defensive counterattack to create threats. 6 minutes before the end of the game, Zou Meirong scored the goal to lock the victory.At the end of the game, the South Korean team chose to replace the goalkeeper to increase the number of offensives, but it was unable to return to heaven.In the end, the Chinese team won 2: 0 in the countdown of the audience and won the championship.

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