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Ice fishing,爆炸资讯 fork fish, speed skating, snow horse racing, hockey experience, clothing show, foodbooks, tea boiled tea, theme ice and snow landscape exhibition ... December 28th, Hulunbuir City Molyda Vada Urdine Autonomous Banner, Hulunbuir City,"Welcome to the Fourteen Winter, Gathering the Ice Snow Season" 2023-2024 Molida Waka Ice Fishing Season Series Activities at the opening.

"This is the first time I have participated in the ice fishing activity. It feels fresh and I feel very excited." Liu Changqing Liu Changqing, who was "steadily sitting in Diaoyutai" in a small tent of 2 meters.The tent was built on the ice, and the stove in the tent was very warm. Open the tent window to communicate with the fishermen, and the heat rushed.The temperature outside the tent was minus 24 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in the tent was more than 20 degrees Celsius.Liu Changqing was sitting next to a cave with a sweater sitting in a diameter of about 20 cm and a depth of about 80 cm, staring at the entrance of the cave, observing whether there was a fish bite.

In the ice fishing competition area, a tent with different colors "blooms flowers" on the ice, and each tent has a set of fishermen.

On the side of the fork fish area, people were looking for fish in the cut square ice cave. After seeing it, one fork went down and picked out a lively jumping fish.Feel the happiness of the Farfish in the ice and snow.

At the scene, a group of uncle and aunt wearing "Northeast Flowers" twisted the cheerful Yangge's hot and warm field.

The speed skating arena, with a "bang" shot, the contestants under the arch generally rushed out of the starting line, flying across the gloss ice surface, allowing people to experience speed and passion.

Snow horse racing, rider and horses and horses combined with passion, where the horseshoe flying, the snowflakes splattered, the viewer's blood was stunned, and the winter exploded.

"We 4 people came from Beijing to participate in this event. I am 67 years old. I feel very happy to participate in this competition." Liu Zhongchen, who had just come down from the speed skating field.In this speed skating competition, Liu Zhongchen won the third place in the elderly group, and Hu Yuping, who came from Beijing with him to win the third place in the middle -aged group.

In the cheerful music sound, more than 30 primary and secondary school students who were holding snow -covered and holding hockey bats appeared.They set up two or two groups, one sitting on a sledker, one pulling a sled, and ran towards the center of the venue. After that, the teenagers began a happy hockey performance."I have been studying the hoggus for a year. Participating in this event has given me a lot of encouragement. I not only have to study hard, but also to fight the hockey. This is the culture and history of the nation." Li Yuanchen in the second grade was excitedlyexplain.

Mara sledkers used to be a way of transportation in the ice and snow world.At the event site, 62 -year -old Ao Tiekuo showed people that Mara Losened manpood, and people sat on the sled to experience it.Ao Tiekuo also improvised folk songs such as "Big Duck" and "My Hometown". The high -quality singing voice attracted people to applaud.

Archery, throwing pots ... live games are exciting.

This is a unique Molida, which is Merida, who is yearning for people. "Because of the organizational activities of the ice fishing season, in Molida, I met a stunned winter. In the future, I will later.I will come here again. "Hu Yuping said.

It is understood that this Molida ice fishing season series will last until the end of February 2024.

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