Cutting ice fishing Daur people to open the ice fishing season broadcast article

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Winter fish that just came out of the water is the traditional custom of the Daur ice fishing fishing.Photo by Jiang Xiwu

At the event, the ancient "Gigri Dabei" fishing competition, which stretched thousands of years.Photo by Jiang Xiwu

The Daur people sang around the burning bonfire.Photo by Jiang Xiwu

The hockey on the snow was fun.Photo by Jiang Xiwu

Local people sing and dance.Photo by Jiang Xiwu

The local people cooked the winter fish that had just came out of the water.Photo by Jiang Xiwu

On January 9th, the first ice and snow cultural sports tourist season and 2022-2023 Daur Ice Fishing Season series were launched in the Magolida Vadar Autonomous Banner in Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia.On the ice, the scene of the ice and fish "attracts many tourists.

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