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   (Zhongguancun Online Xi'an Quotes) ZTE HD TV Wall server is hot topic websitea professional remote image decoding device.Adopting a plug -in structure design, a 19 -inch standard rack structure, can be installed on the standard rack.Provide 1080P, 720P high -definition video output, and compatible with 4CIF such as 4CIF and high -definition display equipment with DVI/HDMI/VGA interface.To maximize the needs of high -end users to watch high -definition and multi -venue screens at the same time, and comprehensively improve the visual experience.The product is currently in the merchant"Video Conference Smart Screen Store"Hot -selling, interested friends can contact the merchant directly to inquire.[Contact number] 13241870047

ZTE VDB100 high -definition TV wall video conference smart screen specialty store spot

HD TV Wall server

    ZTE ZXV10 VDB100 supports 16 venue image output, and video images can reach up to 1080P.Each way supports a variety of display methods, single -road main videos or auxiliary video, multi -venue image rotation, main and auxiliary video stream rotation, etc.The VDB100 completely solves the problem of small and blurry of the multi -screen image image, and the multi -venue centralized monitoring video is clearly visible.

    ZTE ZXV10 VDB100 is deployed near the TV wall. The VDB100 is connected to the remote MCU (computer room) through the IP network through the IP network. The video and audio signal IP digitalized, the transmission loss is low, and the quality of the decoding image is improved.VDB100 makes it no longer restricted between the TV wall and the MCU (computer room), and the equipment is more flexible.

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     ZTE's HVBX single board support screen synthesis function of ZTE ZXV10 VDB100 can provide four -screen (H264 4CIF or CIF) and nine -screen (H264 CIF) synthesis. HD 720P/1080P output.It is suitable for the situation with more venues and few TV walls and television. You can choose multiple lower -level venues to synthesize 1 video output and use limited TV resources.

ZTE ZXV10 VDB100 HD TV Wall server
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