Yamage Memoirs 丨 After 27 years, the Asian Winter will return to the first place in the first place

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Eighth Asian Winter Association emblem and mascot.

Last time,热点新闻 we reviewed the wonderful performance of the athletes at the Asian Winter meeting in 2011.Today, let's come to the eighth Sapporo Asian Winter meeting in 2017 to have a "journey home".

The Eighth Asian Winter Session should be held in 2015, but the Asian Olympic Council Council held in Singapore on July 3, 2009 decided to put the subsequent Asian Winter Fair in the first year before the Winter Olympics, so the eighth eighthThe Asian Winter Conference was delayed until 2017.In December 2010, Sapporo, Japan, decided to apply for the eighth Asian Winter Council of 2017, becoming the only candidate city.

On January 31, 2011, the 57th meeting of the Executive Committee of the Asia Olympic Council was held at Astana, Kazakhstan, and announced that Sapporo, Japan, became the 8th Asian Winter Session of 2017.This is the third time in Sapporo after 1986 and 1990. After 27 years, the Asian Winter Council returned to the first place to host the event.

In the choice of emblem, the organizing committee presents its overall shape of Hokkaido Island, integrating the performance of the "Arctic Star", "Ice and Snow Crystal" and "Winter Cold Wind" that shines in the northern night sky.5 arc represents the five major competitions (skiing, skating, ice hockey, curling, and winter) held at the Asian Holland. It also shows the majesty of the athletes full of pleasure and dynamic athletes.The emblem also expressed people from 5 regions in Asia (East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and West Asia).Essence

Different from the first two times to host the Asian Winter Session, the choice of squirrels as a mascot. When the Asian Winter Session came to Sapporo for the third time, the organizing committee used the shrimp mice as a mascot.This is a blue cloak, a red scarf, a super -pulling wind, loved to drink milk, and is good at winter sports.In addition, the competition is slogan with "beyond your ambition", which means that players and citizens are enthusiastic. Everyone shares the winter movement and moves towards a better future.

time:February 19, 2017 to February 26, 2017

Place:Sapporo, Japan

Participate countries/regions:31

Competition:(11 sub -items) Alpine skiing, off -road skiing, platform skiing, free skiing, single -board skiing, speed skating, short track speed skating, pattern skating, winter two, ice hockey, curling

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