A new round of "replacement" agreement is difficult to produce Palestone for short -term ceasefire difficult

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Original title: TheHot news website new round of "replacement" agreement is difficult to produce Papa short -term ceasefire difficult

According to the British "New Arabs" reported on the 19th, the Palestinian Islamic resistance (Hamas) rejected the proposal to the new round of exchanges proposed by Israel.On the same day, Channel 12 of Israel also reported that Israel and Hamas are conducting "important, serious and in -depth negotiations" on the details of "replacement", but the two parties will not reach an agreement soon.

Hamas raid the military and civilian goals in Israel on October 7 to kill about 1,200 people, and held more than 200 people to the Gaza Strip.The Israeli government subsequently announced that it has entered a state of war and launched large -scale military operations on the Gaza Strip, which has now led to nearly 20,000 deaths and more than 50,000 injuries.

On the 15th of this month, Israel admitted to the military operation during the promotion of military operations in the Gaza Strip on the 15th of this month.The people in many places protested, urging the government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Neitanahu to reach a new round of "replacement" agreement as soon as possible, so that the person who was detained by Hamas was returned home as soon as possible.

Beginning on November 24, Israel and Hamas had a seven -day temporary ceasefire.In the meantime, Fang released 240 Palestinian in Palestinian, while Hamas released more than 100 Israelis and foreign citizens.

The "Land News" quoted people familiar with the matter to say that Israel and Hamas have achieved a new round of "replacement" agreement in the short term.A source said that the two sides "could not even restart negotiations."

According to the "Land News", Hamas is regarded as "strategic assets" with the seizure personnel, and will not give up easily without the "special concession".

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