Ren Renjian TV panel December Decline and stabilized operator actively reduced production and brewed rebound

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TrendForce released (20) released the panel price evaluation in late December today (20). Jibang believes that the decline in the TV panel in December is 一线资讯equivalent to November and the decline of 2-3 US dollars.Not only to slow down the pressure of price decline, but at the same time, the price of panel prices is to reverse the atmosphere.

Jibang said that under the situation of the final promotion results of the Black Friday, only its own brands have small -scale demand for replenishment of their own brands with good sales results. As for the first -line large brand customers, they continue to modify the demand for panel orders.

However, the panel factory is still actively regulating the output and inventory water level through the reduction of production, and even foresee that there will be a repair arrangement of nearly two weeks during the first quarter of the lunar calendar next year to slow down the pressure of price decline. At the same time, it will start building panels.Price preparation to reverse the upper atmosphere.

Because of the continuous expansion of production reduction, the price decline of the TV panel in December is currently observed that the price of TV panels has fallen compared with November. 32 "fell 2 yuan and 50" fell 3 yuan. 55 "fell 2 yuan, 65" and 75 "" "and 75"Fall 3 yuan.

As far as the display panel is concerned, Ji State stated that the demand in the fourth quarter has continued to be weak. In the past few months, the panel factory has only made a slight concession in the price of high -end machine breeding panels, but after entering DecemberExpand the specifications of mainstream panels. In order to maintain shipments, some panel factories are obviously soft in price.

Therefore, Jibang believes that the current decline in December is expected to fall at 23.8 "Open Cell panels, and 21.5", 23.8 "and 27" will fall by $ 0.1.

In terms of laptop, Jibang pointed out that after entering the fourth quarter, the demand was obviously weakened. Under the pressure of maintaining shipments in the panel factory, even the price of panels that continued to be stable in the past few months began to tilt towards the buyer.

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