There is a place in Pyongyang, the North Korea in Pyongyang in the night of the night.

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North Korea is 高速资讯a mysterious existence for the outside world.This is even more so.In 2015, a foreign photographer came to North Korea and came to Pyongyang. It was rare to shoot the night view of Pyongyang.

Many places in Pyongyang are blind, but the portrait of the leader has always been brightly lit, and many people come to worship.

There is also this promotional bar.There are two people in the pictorial in the promotional column.

A small shop on the streets of Pyongyang, a little boy carrying a schoolbag in front of the shop.

The night scene of Datongjiang.Datong River passed through the city and was known as the mother of Pyongyang.

Buses in Pyongyang under night.

Many Pyongyang citizens on the banks of Datong River are resting here.It can be seen that the Datong Jiangjiang embankment has been renovated.

Many trams in Pyongyang.

There are many citizens on the streets of Pyongyang.

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