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Jilin Longjing City builds a digital community governance platform-

Unblocked communication channel services are more efficient (new practice of grassroots governance)

Our reporter Liu Yiqing

"People's Daily" (12th edition, January 04, 2024)

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  Longjing City, the Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province, builds a digital community governance platform, establishes residents' electronic archives, opens the communication channels for communities, streets and functional departments, and opens the "micro -wish" function to achieve effective regional coordination.The governance capacity has improved significantly.

  "My family leaked, no one upstairs, what can I do?" The grid member Liu Xiaotong rang again when he was visiting the house.This is the old man who lives alone wants to ask a grid staff to help buy food. There is a leakage in the resident's house. The distance between the two communities is quite far away. What should I do?

  While Liu Xiaotong told the elderly, "think again, what else do we need", turn on the mobile phone, enter the door of the building, and find the information on the house on the house.Soon, the two neighbors upstairs and downstairs built a contact and started to deal with the problem."Thanks to the Hailan River E station, it is very convenient to check the information, and there is no need to return to the unit to turn the file." Liu Xiaotong said.

  In recent years, the Organization Department of the Longjing Municipal Party Committee of the Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province and the Longjing City Community Party Working Committee have created a digital community governance platform and led the development of Hailanjiang E Station. There are 6 operating systems including information management, administrative law enforcement, and convenience services.The platform establishs a residential electronic file, further unblocking the communication channels for communities, streets and functional departments, and gradually forming a digital grass -roots governance pattern of upper and lower linkage, data visual, and regional coordinated, and the efficiency of community work has been significantly improved.

  Set up resident electronic files, grid staff regularly inspect and update, query information is faster

  A grid, more than 670 residents, how long does it take to complete the personnel inquiry?

  "More than half an hour." Zhang Yuebo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of Hexi Community, who worked at the grassroots at the grassroots level for more than 10 years.

  "Less than 10 minutes." Liu Xiaotong, a grid member who joined the job in 2022, checked for a while and gave the answer.

  There are more than 10,000 residents in Liyuan Street. Collecting and organizing residents' information is the basis for the community to do a good job.In the past, the grid staff carried a thick book with a thick book, climbing to the house layer, and sometimes caught up with the residential out, and no one even took a few trips to the door; the residents had a lot of liquidity, and sometimes changed the number and changed the residents.The book is painted on the book, and it is difficult to organize."If you have to notify people, you have to find it by page, for fear of leaking." Zhang Yuebo said.

  In 2016, the information management system of the digital community community community in Hailanjiang E station was put into use.The system has set up a residential electronic file. During the tour, the grid staff can complete the entry and modification of the residents' information such as the age, telephone, and medical history with only one mobile phone.Hailanjiang E Station draws a 3D map of communities, grids, and buildings in the Hailan River e -station, which is convenient for households.At the same time, the system sets the information retrieval bar, enter the name and other information to find the corresponding residents.As of now, the information management system of Hailanjiang E -Station has covered 3 streets, 126 grids, and more than 60,000 residents in the city.

  Liu Xiaotong opened the Hailan River E station, and he could see hundreds of squares on the map of the resident, each representing one household."After all, people's energy is limited, how can I make work more efficient?" Liu Xiaotong pondered a new working method and tagged the information of the empty house, work, and the elderly on the grid.For elderly residents, focus on two trips a month. "

  "At first, naturally, there were not timely entry updates, and the tour of the tour was missing." Du Haiyu, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Longjing Municipal Party Committee, said that Hailanjiang E Station introduced a random inspection system.Randomly check the integrity, accuracy, and community satisfaction of residents' information.Later, the Hailanjiang E -Station station once again added a trajectory function. At a time of the tourist point, the grid staff sent real -time positioning. The platform was connected to the line. The trajectory was clear at a glance.Hailanjiang E Station generates monthly reports based on the number of information in the community grid, accurate information of residents' information, and inspection trajectory. Relevant departments can use the report as the basis for the assessment of grid members.

  Form the "undertaking -transfer -implementation -tracking" processing mechanism to solve the problem more efficiently

  "Some villagers piled the dead livestock on the open space." One day, the grid member discovered the situation during the inspection and told Zhang Yuebo.

  Although it was a head back to this kind of thing, Zhang Yuebo was not too difficult.After careful understanding of the situation from the grid staff, at 10:30 in the morning, she organized the matters into a brief explanation. With the picture, uploaded to the administrative law enforcement platform of Hailanjiang E Station.

  The problems that the community cannot be solved in such a community is not uncommon in actual work: stacking construction garbage in the corridor, damage and loss of manhole cover, and the repair of the inner car shed ... Zhang Yuebo said: "There was nothing to contact before, only the report can be contacted.Long time and low efficiency. "

  After the information was reported, Zhang Yuebo received a reply at 11:30 in the morning, and the incident had been transferred to Longjing Agricultural and Rural Bureau.The next day, the Law Enforcement Brigade of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau came to the scene. After obtaining the understanding of the villagers, the venue environment was cleared.

  Hailanjiang E Station establishes a linkage system for communities, streets, and various functional departments, and opens a four -level account number of grid members, communities, streets and functional departments, and municipal levels to form a "undertaking -transfer -implementation -tracking" processing mechanism.After the grid staff collects the clues of the problem, the community and the streets are first assisted through the Hailanjiang R station, and those who cannot be resolved directly to the relevant functional departments can be directly transferred.

  "At present, more than 90 % of the incidents of Hailanjiang E -Station can be settled within 3 days." Du Haiyu told reporters that in order to open up channels and improve efficiency, Hailan River E Station further introduced the "red, yellow, blue and green" mechanism, and the Hailan River eThe processing progress of the uploading, receiving, receiving treatment, and being completed were completed."If the red and yellow lights are lit for a few days, we will find the relevant department to ask about the situation." Du Haiyu said.

  Who will supervise after the event processing?Zhang Yuebo reported the situation. After the streets were evaluated, the event party showed green lights."If the feedback problem is not resolved, it will be returned; if it is not done for no reason and takes a slow act, it will be transferred to the municipal inspection department to report and deal with it." Du Haiyu said.

  Added the "Weimin Wishes" function, and the needs of the community and residents will be more intimate for the people to serve the people

  "There are too many weeds in this trail, just be able to clean up." The "micro -wish" of the resident of Tiantu Community Park was written down by Teng Fei, deputy secretary of the community, and passed on to the party group of the E -station of HailanjiangService Platform.

  The Longjing People's Procuratorate is the party building alliance unit of the Tiantu community. The staff of the institute "receives orders" online. Several powerful young people have their own tools to pull the grass and clear the grass. They are cleaned up in less than two hours."This road is remote. If there is no Hailanjiang E station, it is really difficult for us to see it." Jiang Sixuan, deputy secretary of the party committee of the Longjing Procuratorate, told reporters.

  Tiantu community is located in the urban -rural junction, and some communities have no property.The "Love Bank" section has been added to the party group service platform of Hailanjiang E.Matters such as blossoms, cleaning advertising, and disputes are "dots" by the community; after the community party organization collects the needs of residents, it will be released on the platform. The city's 64 departments, more than 1,900 on -the -job party members, 4474 people in the cityVolunteers can claim their wishes.

  According to the "micro -intention" released by the community, the Longjing City Procuratorate organized an anti -fraud lecture on the elderly. What URLs in the mobile phone cannot be casually ordered, which "health products" in life should be cautious before buying., Popularize related knowledge and answer questions.

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