Aside from the facts, what is Israel's best solution now?

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I can only say that I can't do it.

I briefly lift two mouths.

First,今日头条 it is the so -called land supply of Gaza or Hamas power.I don't know if you thought, how can Israel make the power grid or power facilities pass through the isolation wall without damaging the performance of the isolation wall itself?You know, this is up to 8 meters and completely closed. There is also a steel concrete quarantine wall with electric wire mesh.

Is it meaningless to have a grid through the wall?Have you seen a grid facility across the border wall near the border wall in any video or photo?Or there are electric tower nearby.

If you have any, please tell me or send it to me.I wait and see.

Therefore, the actual situation is below, which is very vague, but there is also a clue.

The so -called supply power of Israel actually refers to the allowing the Gasha region to import from the La Fa port (yes, that is, that is, the La Fa port with Egypt) to import diesel, which is to pay.This money is either out of the international community or the Gaza area (earns or some people help, and a lot of money in Palestine is actually deducted in the hands of Israel)

Israel has to charge a border fee and it has to increase the price. Do you think it is free?

In addition to the scattered solar energy, Gaza's main power supply is the only diesel power plant.

This is the so -called supply power of Israel. Diesel actually needs to buy it. It can only be bought from Israel (but you have to enter from Egypt).Is Israel a money (otherwise you think the Jews do not like the United Nations? Do you think Israel doesn't like the United Nations? The United Nations has been taken away by Israel in the end).electricity.

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