Pick up your dreams in the corner of the world

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Remember the dream when you were young?热点资讯--InscriptionRecently, I read a book album, which is a few meters of hand picture book, "Hiding in the Corner of the World".At that time, I was attracted by the name, so I slowly looked.The content of the album is very simple. A naive child hid in the corner of the world, and found that many beautiful things hidden in the corner with his clear eyes found that the birds hidden in the corner, the birds who can sing, the unbeaten woods in the four seasons, I will listen to the cats he speaks quietly ... A few meters outlined a fairy tale world with smooth lines and simple and bright colors, warm, beautiful, pure, and moving.However, fairy tales are just a beautiful dream, but the world always belongs to reality.There are always too many helplessness in the real world, so that people who are tired of running in all corners of the world have forgotten how to dream.Even if it is hiding in the corner of the world, we seem to only see the urban forest built by the reinforced concrete, and the indifferent expression of the subway windows is released, the stranger's crowds are in a hurry where the party is going to goIt is clear that the beauty of this world, but the chaotic fireworks of the festival, the gray air that is filled with the air of the car, and the colorful light reflected by the tall glass curtain wall, swallowed our attention freely.As a result, we can only lowered our heads quietly, bowed their heads at the reality of Lengbing, and forgot to look up at the sun, chasing what we first placed in our hearts, that dream.On the road to chasing our dreams, we lost our dreams.Is the real world really not tolerate the warmth of fairy tales?Is it really impossible for the dream world to exist in reality?Is it just a dream?In fact, the power of dreams has always been there, and it guides our world to today.We once had the dream of flying freely like birds, and we had a plane carrying us to soar in a cloud of 30,000 feet.The Internet is becoming increasingly prevalent and continuous; we imagine whether the existence and existence and existence of the alien life in the vast universe have the glory of aviation exploration and space development ... Every great progress of human beings comes fromOnce a small dream.We want to make the world into the shape of our dreams, so we continue to struggle, continue to explore, continue to grow, keep chasing, and continue to harvest.Dreams have changed the world and humans themselves.Now, we still have dreams. We want to make this world more green and less green, less windy and sand; more lush olive branches, less cold bullets and firearms; more brilliant smiles, less sad tears; more more sorrowful tears; more moreCareful greetings, less cold faces; more years of struggle, less years of time; one more dream, one less desperate ... I hope one day, when we hide in the corner of the world, look at the eyes, and you will find thatThis world is really like a fairy tale, warming our atrium.Then, take the time early, pick up our dreams that we have discarded in the corner.On the day when dreams come into reality, you will definitely find that the colorful world in the dream is close to you.(Lu Jianing) 顶: 58踩: 3