Yanji: The opening and broadcasting article of the 2nd Folk Lantern Festival of the Chinese Korean Folk Park

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At 18:00 on December 30,news express website 2023, the second lantern festival of the Chinese Korean Folk Park opened in the colorful opening, giving the general public and tourists a beautiful feast of light and shadow.

At the opening ceremony, with the countdown number from 5 to 1, the lantern festival was turned on; the DJ party was seamlessly connected, and the dynamic music quickly burst into the audience.Dance, release happiness; the subsequent fireworks show, the fireworks cut through the night sky, and the sky blooms.

Han Chengjie, general manager of the Chinese Korean Folk Park, said that in order to promote the traditional national culture, inherit the characteristics of the Korean ethnic group, enrich the playability and ornamental of the Winter Yanji City, help the development of the surrounding business format, create a landmark of Yanji Cultural Travel, and the Chinese folk customs in China.The garden and Zhongshan light manufacturers and Zigong lantern manufacturers jointly create a lantern show covering an area of 9.4 hectares, which are from the north entrance area, Maya district, ice and snow interpretation area, Rushha area, Rushb district, Jinting District, ancient village area, folk customs, folk customsIt is composed of the 10 areas of the district, spring district, and south. Based on the classic elements of traditional lanterns, the design concept of modern electronic lanterns is combined with the style of the Korean ethnic style. In the face of ice and snow and folk customs, classical and modern romantic meetings are launched.

Strolling in the beautiful folklore park, under the shadow of the glorious trees, the winding lamp road, the old house with the lamp with the lamp, the girl dressing girl in the Korean national costumes can be seen everywhere.It makes people seem to be in the colorful world that is staggered in time and space."There are traditional old buildings, new lights, and fashionable DJ parties and fireworks shows. The festival atmosphere is full."The beauty of the city.

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