At the center of Gaza City, Israel found Hamas's huge authentic network center?

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Summary:The头条新闻re was a release hostage compared to a "spider web" here.

Yesterday, the Israeli military claimed to find an important command center of Hamas in the center of Gasha City, and also said that Hamas had been found to transport weapons, militants and replenishment to the center of the huge underground networks to transport weapons, militants and supplies to the Gaza Strip.

Destroying Hamas's authentic network is an important goal of Israel's military operation.

The Israeli National Defense Army spokesman Aviche Adlai posted on the same day that the Israeli Army had completed the "complete control" of the command center.

It is said that the center of the authentic network is located in the Palestinian Plaza in the center of Gasha City. Before the outbreak of the conflict on October 7, it was a gathering point for Palestinian retail and commercial activities.

Some officers revealed that they found about 20 important authentic wells in Palestine Square.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Israel describes the underground network as a "underground terrorist city".The Israeli National Defense Force spokesman Peter Lien Colonel Peter Leon said it was "the center of Haras Military and Politics."

According to the pictures shared by Israel, an elevator and spiral staircase are installed. The branches can lead to other regions and are equipped with electricity, pipelines, monitoring cameras and heavy explosion -proof doors.

The Israeli Army said that the authentic network has a complex level and a large number of facilities, for high -level members of Hamas.There was a release hostage compared to a "spider web" here.

According to the residential area found in the authentic network, the food and water leftover, Isei speculates that Hamas plans to be hidden here for a long time.

The Israeli Army also revealed that Hamas will use generators in tunnels, while the lighting and communication power in the tunnel mainly comes from solar panels of nearby buildings.

When the military escorted Israeli reporters entered Palestine Square, they also showed off the offices, tunnels and elevators used by Hamas senior leaders, and claimed that they found the wheelchair of Hamas military commander Mohammed Dav.

There are very few people who have not appeared for many years, but the video screen recently discovered on Difft shows that he has a slight lame and is likely to be using a wheelchair.

In addition to Diff, Israeli also stated in a statement that Harma senior officials such as Ye Haiya Sima and Esmel Hania also used these tunnels to command military operations.Not only that, the authentic network can also lead to a house under the names of Sima and others.

The Israeli spokesman Daniel Hagari said: "Whether in an emergency or at the beginning of the October 7 war, they (members of Hamas) often use this infrastructure."

Under the description of Hagari, the tunnel extends to Gagha and leads to major hospitals in the city.But this statement cannot be verified independently.

In addition, Israeli also believes that under the ground attack on Israel, this underground network is also used as an escape channel by Hamas senior management.

For a long time, Hamas's authentic network in the Gaza Strip is "one of the most unspeakable secrets in the world", and Israel's ground invasion has made people see how huge it is.

Earlier this week, the Israeli Army also found a tunnel with a length of more than 4 kilometers and a deep underground in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. The width was enough to accommodate a car. It was only 400 meters away from the heavily alert Eretz port.According to descriptions, the tunnel aims to transport the vehicles of militants from the Gaza Strip to the Israeli border.

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