2024 U23 Men's Baseball World Cup will hold a broadcast article in Shaoxing

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Source: Shaoxing Daily

Recently, the World Baseball and Barball Federation announced that it would award the U23 Men's Baseball World Cup in 2024.This event will be held in the baseball court of the Shaoxing Baseball (Barn) Sports Cultural Center in 2024.

The U23 Men's Baseball World Cup game in 2024 is the first game of the World Baseball and Flood Federation in mainland China. It is expected that there will be a team of 12 countries and regions to participate. It is one of the highest level of baseball events held in mainland China.EssenceSuccessful application for this event means that the Chinese baseball team has attracted more international attention, obtained international technology guidance, and promotes the high -quality development of the Chinese baseball industry.

In recent years, Shaoxing has actively focused on creating the goal of creating the "International Championship City City", and held large -scale events such as the "Water and Mission Double Horse", Wang Zhongwang Go Championship, and Cao'ejiang China Motorcycle Open every year.From 2022 to 2023, the Chinese Professional Basketball League regular season has two power brigades settled in Shaoxing at home, becoming the only city in China with dual CBA home.

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