China is 5 to 8 to the Czech Republic!WBC World Baseball Classic: Zhu Quan was hit by 3 points and failed to end the broadcast article

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  On March 10th,High-speed information website in the second game of the WBC World Baseball Classic in Tokyo Dome in Japan, the Chinese baseball team was 3 points in the Czech Republic in the case of only two outs of the third game in the third game.The home base is reversed.Eventually lost the game 5 to 8.

  The Czech Republic is the closest team to China's strength in this group stage. It is also the goal of winning the bottom of the group.Because if the group is at the bottom, China's next WBC classic competition must be played from the qualifiers.

  Unfortunately, because the night show was too excited about Japan yesterday, and after 4 hours, he will start to participate at 9 o'clock this morning, and the team seems a little tired.The first round of the Czech team quickly entered its own rhythm.

  The competition China defended first, and the Czech offense was attacked.Zhao Fuyang, who has performed well in the Kagoshima warm -up match before, served as the starting pitcher.

  At the beginning, Zhao Fuyang failed to suppress the opponent's line, allowing the opponent to go out continuously, and there was a situation where there was no first or third base. Liang Pei, who was hitting the home run in Japan, made a mistake in the left.The first point.

  Then Zhao Fuyang gave four bad balls and couldn't hold the ball.This allowed the coaching team to change in advance when he only resolved the opponent.This is the second day in a row, China's starting pitcher has a random adjustment.

  Zheng Chaoqun, who changed his opponent, scored a second point by the opponent's Kurap on the right side. As soon as the opening, the Czech Republic led 2-0.

  In the three innings, Zheng Chaoqun was played by the opponent's Zuowai Menz, and the Czech Republic expanded the score to 3-0.

  However, Zheng Chaoqun gradually controlled the situation later. After he picked up 49. After resolving 2.1 innings, he was replaced by the head coach Dien and replaced the foreign aid Zhang Yanlun (Alan Carter) introduced by China this time.

  Zhang Yanlun should be the fastest player in Chinese baseball in history. His speed balls of more than 150 kilometers are consecutive, and he has not scored his opponent in the fourth and fifth innings.

  However, China's sticks are asleep until the five innings, and one can not come out.It can only be used by four bad balls.

  In the five innings, the Czech Republic changed to a new pitcher because of the principle of WBC regulations, giving the Chinese team a chance.

  Chen Chen and Zhang Baoshu of China selected four bad balls to go out of the base, and there was a situation of no death.

  After Cao Jie's in -field flying ball, Kou Yongkang also chose four bad balls, allowing China to form a great situation of choosing four bad balls.

  Luo Jinjun played a inside field. Chen Chen's Chen Chen ran back and turned the score to 1 to 3.But at 6 innings, China was stolen by opponents+Zuo An, and the two sides still maintained a gap of 3 points.

  After the game entered 7 games, the Chinese team suddenly came.

  Zhang Baoshu, 40, first hit Zuowaan to make a base, and then the opponent exploded, let Zhang Baoshu enter the 3rd base.

  Cao Jie hit a Chinese and foreign field sacrificed and passed away from Zhang Baoshu home, China 2: 4.

  Kou Yongkang followed the choice of four bad balls into one base. The opponent's restraint failed, allowing Kou Yongkang to enter the 3rd base.Luo Jinjun hit a second base, and China made 1 point, 3 to 4.

  Then after Chen Chen chose the four bad balls, when Liang Pei died, he died, one or two, and he even tied the first goal, and suddenly equalized the score 4 to 4.

  This caused the Czech Republic to change the pitcher.

  In China, he returned to the Erjun Yang Jin. He played the in -field security. The opponent's second base intercepted the earth's failure. Chen Chen, the third base in China, returned home. China took 4 points in this round and reversed 5 to 4.

  After that, the Chinese team changed the catcher Li Ning. He cooperated with Gong Haicheng. San Zhen+Catcher accepted three players from the opponent and resolved 8 innings.

  Gong Haicheng made a three -pointed opponent's ChLUP on the 9th inning. In China, only 2 people were out of the game to win the game.

  Unexpectedly, the four -stick CERVENSIK chose four bad balls out of the base. The following appearances were Memesco, which played the base.In order to curb the fiery opponent of today's stick, the Chinese head coach Dien changed the pitcher and used Zhu Quan, the relay of the Korean wizard KT professional team, as the Terminator.

  Unfortunately, Zhu Quan was caught by Memeco in the first goal. He blasted a 3 -point home for a reversal, and the Chinese team was reversed again.

  Since then, the opponent has two other beats and scored 8 points.China eventually had to accept the result of failure.

  From the perspective of the process, the Chinese baseball team played a certain strength, but it also left a problem.

  For example, there are only 5 sale in the audience, half of the opponent, and a mistake occurred.In the absence of the base, he was also killed by the opponent three times.

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