North Korea has determined to broadcast the work direction in 2024

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  China News Agency,一刻资讯 Beijing, December 28th. Pyongyang News: According to the DPRK News Agency on the 28th, on the 27th local time, Kim Jong -un, General Secretary of the North Korean Workers 'Party, determined at the ninth plenary session of the 8th Central Committee of the North Korean Workers' Party.direction.

  According to reports, Kim Jong -un emphasized to strengthen the national administrative and economic work system, further improve the responsibilities and role of the cabinet, and clarify the new year's central task and implementation methods for economic departments such as basic industry, light industry and construction industry.

  In addition, Kim Jong -un emphasized that it is necessary to accelerate rural revitalization through measures such as strengthening rural residential construction, and to stabilize agricultural production and improve land environmental protection and urban management.

  It is reported that at the meeting, the key goals of the local industry and the aquatic industry were proposed, and it was clearly stated that it was necessary to expand the development of foreign economic work.

  In response to the situation of the Korean Peninsula, Kim Jong -un asked the People's Army, military industry departments, nuclear weapons departments, and civilian defense departments to further accelerate the completion of the combat reserve work.

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