The Chinese boxing team lost!8th gold in North Korea: 29 -year -old female boxing king won the championship, crazy celebration and crying, broadcasting the broadcast article

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On October 4th,突发新闻 Beijing time, the Asian Games Women's Boxing 54 kg finals, Chinese player Changyuan lost to North Korean player Fang Zhemei, unfortunately won the silver medal.After the game, the 29 -year -old Korean female boxing king kneeling to celebrate, tears, and emotions are very excited. It seems that this gold medal is extremely difficult to her.

In the previous weightlifting competition, the female strong priests in North Korea left a deep impression that they never thought that on the boxing, the Korean women's strengths were also very strong. In addition to the Hercules, they also had the female boxing champion!

It is worth mentioning that the Chinese player Changyuan is the 51 kg champion of the women's 51 kg of the Asian Games in Jakarta. This time, Fang Zhemei, who is in good strength Korean player, is also reasonable to lose the gold medal.Lock a Paris Olympics seat in advance, and there is a chance to make up at the Olympic Games one year later.

You know, North Korean player Fang Zhemei once won the 51 kg champion of the Asian Championships 4 years ago, and won the championship in the "Republic Championship" in North Korea last year. She won the silver medal of the project at the Asian Games in Jakarta.Essence

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